Boardwalk Games

Cruise on down the Boardwalk and play some games! Show off and have fun as you take the 3 Point Challenge at basketball! Kick the ball past the goalie in Soccer Challenge. Play by yourself, or enjoy with your friends! If you have the skill, you get the prize!

  • Bank-A-Ball: Bounce a ball off a target board and into a catch box.

  • Soccer Challenge: Kick the soccer ball into the net, but watch the goalie! 

  • Strike Out: Throw three baseballs into the catchers mitt! The more strikes you throw, the bigger the prize!

  • Crazy Ball: Toss a small whiffleball into a playing field. Whichever color and level you land in, determines the prize!

  • Whac-A-Mole: Hold a mallet and whac the moles as they pop out of the holes! Knock down the most moles and win!

  • Wacky Wire: Guide a ring around a twisting, coiling wire without touching any part of the metal! 

  • 3-Point-Challenge: Shoot basketballs in an NBA half court from the three point line!

  • Jacob's Ladder: Climb a suspended ladder all the way to the top and ring the buzzer!

  • Lazer Tag: Play the classic game of hide-and-seek and tag with a high tech twist. There's fun lurking around every corner!

Fiesta Games

The games in Fiesta Village challenge strength, hand-eye coordination, and of course, skill. See how strong you really are at "El Wack-o." Aim the basketball and "Shoot if Yucan." What about a mix of skeeball and racing? Winners will receive a prize!


  • Pirates Wreck: Race your rolling cannon balls into the holes as fast as you can to move your pirate ship!

  • Shoot if Yucan: Shoot the basketball into the long range hoop. If you make it, YOU WIN!

  • Klobber-A-Kat: Throw baseballs at clowns to knock them down! 

  • El Wacko: Strike the pad and launch the electronic puck up to the tower to ring the bell! If you hit the bell, the large prize will be given!

Log Ride Games

Located near the entrance of Log Ride, nine games full of skill and determination can be found. Find out if you have the eye to shoot, toss, and throw for a prize! If you master any of the games, you win!


  • Gunball: Shoot the ball at the cups on the table! If you knock them off the counter in a single shot, you win!

  • Top Gun: Race each other by shooting water into holes! This will race your animal to the top. Whoever moves their animal to the top the fastest wins!

  • Strike 2: Throw baseballs at the clowns to knock them down!

  • Slam Dunk: Shoot a basketball into a hoop. Make it in and you win!

  • Boing Boing: Throw ping pong balls into floating cups! Depending on which color you land in determines the prize!

  • Great Race: Race each other by shooting water into holes! Whoever moves their animal to the top the fastest wins!

  • Scatter Balls: Launch balls through a network of pins and catch them at the bottom. The more balls caught, the better the prize!