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Monday, June 1st, 2015

If you ever want to take a step back in time, you don’t have to go far. All you have to do is secure a ticket, push through the turnstiles at the front gates of Knott’s Berry Farm and make a left, you time traveler. From there you’ll find yourself in Ghost Town, in the thick of a time long past and surrounded by bandits, the Blacksmith, and other assorted characters. Let me introduce you to my Ghost Town favorites!

This bandit wasn’t the talkative type. I couldn’t even get a simple “no comment”. Rude. So much for old-fashioned charm!

Meet Lee, the Ghost Town Blacksmith. He is the real deal. Yes, a real Blacksmith! Learn about how metal is forged to produce tools, horseshoes, and branding irons.

The schoolteacher! In all the years I’ve visited The Old School House, I’ve never seen a male teacher! It was like finding a unicorn. He reminded me of my 8th grade Science Teacher, Mr. Sasaki. They dressed the same, I know that for sure. Things I learned in the old schoolhouse: Female teachers could not be married. Say what? If you wanted to be married, you couldn’t teach anymore. Teaching back then came with much more responsibility—you were pretty much married to the job.

The Schoolteacher said this desk was their iPad.

This here is Curly Joe and Festus McGee. Two bandits that robbed us on Calico Railroad. After the holdup, I cornered these two into spilling the dirt. Festus McGee, the Desert Weasel, had no problem confessing he shoots folks and gets in gunfights for fun. He boasts he killed everyone in Boot Hill Cemetery, but Curly Joe calls his bluff and says they were already dead. Do yourself a favor and don’t just take in the sights of Ghost Town, live it up and strike a conversation with its residents. You might learn a little good ole’ Knott’s history and make new everlasting memories!


Xenia Galaviz

Xenia Galaviz is a wanderluster + habitual overgrammer, naturally inclined to share her love for food, art, travel, music, movies, shopping and fun on her blog Based in Knott’s Berry Farm city limits, she is proud of calling Orange County home and her Southern California roots. She is the mama of four boys ranging in age from 2-18 years old and married to an amazing artist husband, their new American family is both multicultural and blended.

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