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A Sneak Peek At The New Rocky Mountain Trucking Company

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Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Young truckers can join the new Rocky Mountain Trucking Company (formerly known as the Rocky Road Trucking Co.) and hop into the re-themed cabs of Camp Snoopy’s junior-size logging trucks. The redesigned trucks will display fresh decals featuring your favorite Peanuts characters. Pint-sized truckers can honk the horn and take a drive in these four seated trucks, while venturing through twisty turning High Sierra roads. Extra fun’s in store as the rugged rigs twice cross beneath Knott’s electrifying, looping thriller, the awesome Montezooma’s Revenge.

In today’s update, we’re excited to share a sneak peak of the new truck decals, featuring the Peanut’s characters alter egos! So the next time you head to camp, be sure to hitch a ride with Lucy as “Double Yellow Darling” or Franklin as “Gear Jammer.”