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Knott's Breaks Ground in Camp Snoopy's High Sierra Renovation

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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

New Camp Snoopy Midway

The first step on your journey through Camp Snoopy’s High Sierras will now be more realistic than ever. Knott's Berry Farm’s Project Development team has broken ground in Camp Snoopy and enhanced the pathways that surround the freshly painted Sierra Sidewinder. By the end of construction, this dirt-like pavement will wind through all of Camp Snoopy’s midways. The pavement, along with new rustic lighting and fence structures, further bring to life the outdoor camp atmosphere.

New Camp Snoopy Midway

Let’s take a hike over to the North end of Camp Snoopy where we find the re-themed Timberline Twister! The ride puts you in the driver seat of Charlie Brown’s entry into this year’s Camp Snoopy Pinewood Derby. Twist your way through the trees and the surrounding wilderness as you race to the finish line to help Charlie Brown win his first merit badge. As part of construction, the attraction will also feature a new loading station shade structure. The Timberline Twister is a not-so-scary kids’ roller coaster located next to Camp Bus.