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Knott's Berry Farm

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What's new at the Knott's Boysenberry Festival

Caryn Bailey

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
Caryn is a long-time family-focused writer and digital media expert, who covers a range of lifestyle topics including food, fashion, beauty, film, travel, and technology. Caryn draws from her experience as a mother and a healthcare professional to share her knowledge and experiences. Having traveled the world, Orange County is home to Caryn and her two young children. Read more about Caryn's adventures on Rockin Mama

My kids' first real experience with the boysenberry was during Knott's Berry Farm's annual Boysenberry Festival. Part of our visits typically include some type of treat, and by treat, I mean an ICEE, because who doesn't love those frozen, carbonated delights? It just so happens that during the Boysenberry Festival, Knott's offers a Boysenberry ICEE Float which includes soft-serve Boysenberry ice cream and the result is nothing short of bliss. This is just the icing on that boysenberry cake because there are over 75 boysenberry eats and treats this year at Knott's Berry Farm. 

Each year, the culinary team at Knott's Berry Farm use their skills and creativity to come up with mouthwatering sweet and savory dishes featuring the boysenberry. A cross between a loganberry, a red raspberry, and a blackberry, the boysenberry was named after Rudolf Boysen who originated the fruit. Mr. and Mrs. Knott were the first to harvest and sell the boysenberry and every single one can be traced back to Knott's Berry Farm.

The festival features exclusive entertainment, live music, and family-friendly activities. But the highlight of the Boysenberry Festival is the food. With exciting new boysenberry dishes and drinks, you won't need an excuse to eat your way through Knott's Berry Farm this Spring. 

New Sweet and Savory Food and Drinks

Confession. This is my favorite year at Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival. They continue to expand their boysenberry foods, including several vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. New items include the following: 

Boysenberry Quesadilla (Outside Ghost Town Candy): This quesadilla is made with a boysenberry-infused flour tortilla and prepared with boysenberry salsa and boysenberry sour cream. The quesadilla is then sprinkled with cotija and mozzarella cheeses. 

Boysenberry Pierogies (Spurs Chophouse): This Easter European dumpling features unleavened dough filled with sweet or savory fillings. This year, you can enjoy a Boysenberry-inspired Pierogi which is filled with cheddar cheese and served with boysenberries, sautéed onions, and Applewood Smoked Bacon. 

Boysenberry Pie Milkshake (Ghost Town Grill): This simple, satisfying shake is prepared just as you might imagine. A slice of pie is blended with ice cream and milk, perfect for when you want a slice of pie and your ice cream too! 

Slow Cooked Boysenberry Short Ribs (Spurs Chophouse): Slow-cooked ribs are smothered in boysenberry hoisin sauce and served over butter basmati rice and topped with chopped green onions

White Chocolate Covered Boysenberry Cheesecake on a Stick (Spurs Chophouse): Farm-fresh cheesecake is dipped in a white chocolate fountain for a decadent treat.

Boysenberry Elote (Across from Gold Trails Hotel): One of my favorite dishes at Knott's this year is their Boysenberry Elote. The chefs at the park begin by grilling fresh corn on-site. The corn is then coated in boysenberry butter and mayo, then topped with cotija cheese. 

Boysenberry Hummus With Grilled Pita (North of Sutter's Grill): Fresh-frozen boysenberries are used in this hummus which is served with grilled pita bread. 

Mini Sausage on a Boysenberry Bun (Outside Wilderness Dance Hall): This sausage is served on a fresh farm-baked roll and topped with boysenberry ketchup, relish, and mustard. 

Boysenberry Macaroon (Ghost Town Bakery): They say that great things come in small packages, and such is the case with these brand new macaroons. These bite-sized boysenberry coconut macaroons are dipped in chocolate ganache and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Boysenberry Boba/Bubble Tea (Ghost Town Bakery and Gourmet Coffee Hut): Boysenberry milk tea and berry-soaked tapioca balls are served over ice for a refreshing twist on the traditional bubble tea. 

Boysenberry Cornbread (Boardwalk BBQ): A Boysenberry twist on a classic cornbread. 

2ft. Hot Dog on a Boysenberry Bun (Wilderness Broiler): The traditional hot dog is served with boysenberry ketchup, boysenberry mustard, and boysenberry relish and perfect for sharing. 

Sugar-Free Boysenberry Concentrate (General Store): This low-calorie, no-sugar version is perfect for getting your boysenberry fix in without the added sugar or calories. 

Boysenberry Chocolates (Ghost Town Candy Shop and General Store): This year's selection includes milk chocolate bars, truffles, caramel squares,  and peanut butter and jelly cups.

Boysenberry Jelly Belly (Ghost Town Candy Shop and General Store): This new boysenberry jelly bean is exclusive to Knott's Berry Farm. 

Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card

The best way to experience Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival is with the Tasting Card. For $30, you can sample 8 foods (listed below). This year, you can select any 8 items of your choice, which means if you want to eat 8 boysenberry macaroons, I'm not going to judge you. Tasting cards can be purchased online or inside the park. Here are the tasting card items for 2018:

  • Slow Cooked Boysenberry Short Rib  (Location: Inside Spurs Chophouse)
  • Boysenberry Pierogies (Location: Inside Spurs Chophouse)
  • Boysenberry Cheese Quesadilla  (Location: Outside Ghost Town Candy)
  • Boysenberry Elote (Location: Across from Gold Trails Hotel)
  • Boysenberry Coconut Macaroon (Location: Ghost Town Bakery)
  • Boysenberry Hummus with Grilled Pita Bread (North of Sutter's Grill)
  • Boysenberry Sausage on a Bun (Location: Outside Wilderness Dance Hall)
  • Boysenberry Chicken Wings (Location: Outside Spurs Chophouse)

Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival runs through April 8, 2018, and the event is included with admission. Tasting experiences require a separate fee. 

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Caryn Bailey

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
Caryn is a long-time family-focused writer and digital media expert, who covers a range of lifestyle topics including food, fashion, beauty, film, travel, and technology. Caryn draws from her experience as a mother and a healthcare professional to share her knowledge and experiences. Having traveled the world, Orange County is home to Caryn and her two young children. Read more about Caryn's adventures on Rockin Mama

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