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Knott's Berry Farm

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Boysenberry Festival Entertainment Guide

Cathi and David Crismon

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
Simple Sojourns is a Southern California lifestyle and travel blog with a vegan twist. We do our best to live in harmony with the environment while eating a plant-based diet. We love to explore new destinations as well as the familiar. We know the only thing that’s constant is change!

While Knott’s Boysenberry Festival is known for all its Boysenberry deliciousness, there’s also a lot to see and do. Of course, there are always the thrilling rides. But you don’t want to miss out on the fun-filled Boysenberry Festival entertainment. Some of the live shows and exhibits you’ll only be able to experience during the annual festival itself. And it’s all still on until April 8th!

From unique artwork to an old-time melodrama, to pie eating contests, to Camp Snoopy fun with the Peanuts gang, you’ll want to come back for more, time and time again.

First up is Tied up in Knott’s Art Show, located in the Wilderness Dance Hall. This unique art show is a tribute to the history of Knott’s Berry Farm. Whether you’re familiar or not with Knott’s history, this is something you’ll want to see. Knott’s Berry Farm has gone through many changes since it started as an actual berry farm almost 100 years ago.

Knott’s Art Show is a celebration with more than a dozen artists exhibiting their works in mediums from oil paintings to digital mixed media. How about that? Many of the one of a kind art pieces are available for purchase. 

Old MacDonald’s Farm is a favorite for all ages. You’ll see the farm animals napping or eating or kicking up their heels or romping around. You’re even able to pet them!

And the horses! When these beauties aren’t kicking back in the Livery Stable you can see them pulling the Butterfield Stagecoach. Now that’s horsepower! And they are gorgeous!

Calico Town Hall in Ghost Town is where you can learn more about the History of the Boysenberry and Knott’s Berry Farm. Both Town Hall and Ghost Town are incredibly interesting. 

The walls of Town Hall are covered with vintage photographs. You also have the opportunity to watch a video explaining historical facts about Walter and Cornelia Knott’s start with their little berry farm and how that farm grew into the Knott’s Berry Farm we know and love today.

Every town needs a town square that’s the center of activity. At Knott’s Berry Farm it’s Calico Park. And it’s there that Calico Park Fun and Games take place at various times during the day.

From pie eating contests …

… to live music, to Vine Dancing. Oh, and the Chicken Dance, where you dance to your heart’s content! Calico Park Fun and Games has something for everyone! 

It’s at Camp Snoopy Theatre where you’ll find Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang entertaining the young and young at heart.

You’re going to love Camp Snoopy Activities and Special Photo Moments. The gang is out to celebrate spring with fun and games and music. And the little ones especially love it! 

The live show at the Birdcage Theatre is always a good place to sit back, relax and have a good laugh. Quite often the old-time melodrama productions are a little bit, well … melodramatic! And, as always, very entertaining. This is especially so with the audience participation in booing, and hissing the villain! And in cheering on the heroes and heroines! The special production of ‘Boysenberry Bedlam’ is in full swing for the Boysenberry Festival. You don’t want to miss it! You may regret not seeing it, but you will never regret seeing the over-the-top performances!

We’re a bit partial to guitar and banjo music. Our teenaged grandson has no less than eight guitars and banjos hanging on his bedroom walls. And they aren’t just decorations. He plays them all. We sat and listened to Chaparral and their knee-slapping music and had the best time. We were so impressed that we sent a video to our grandson while he was in school. All he could say was, “They are really good!”

You can catch Chaparral performing live at the Fireman’s BBQ Stage in Ghost Town. And by the way, be sure to grab a bite to eat while listening to Chaparral. The Fireman’s BBQ is one of our favorite restaurants!

Another fun place to get you dancing shoes on is Fiesta Village with DJ Cruz. Put your own personality into the dance as you get down with friends, and meet new ones too! Participation is for all ages. Our granddaughter is a ‘tween’ and she was kicking her feet up with little kids and grandparents alike!

We enjoyed the live music of the Boardwalk Barbecue Rockin’ Duo at the Boardwalk Barbecue. It’s like a dinner (or lunch) show! These guys are fabulous as they walked us down memory lane with hits from the 70’s. See those Aloha shirts? Yup, think Beach Boys! 

We love going to the theater and seeing a good musical. We’ve seen many stage shows on NYC’s Broadway, in Los Angeles, and London’s West End. But we’re here to tell you the Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree! is right up there with likes of Broadway, LA and West End productions! Seriously!

Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree! is incredibly entertaining with singing (and they can SING), dancing (oh can they dance), and laughter.

AND… since it is Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree, Snoopy and the gang get in on the act.

The Wagon Camp has been around for as long as we can remember. And that’s a long time! We watched live shows there as children with our parents. Then again, with us as the parents, we watched with our children. Now we enjoy the shows with our grandchildren. That’s what Knott’s Berry Farm is all about: family! 

You don’t want to miss Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies and the Wild West Stunt Show. They’ll have you laughing and rockin’ to the music. You can sit on benches or even in an old-time covered wagon!

This is just a sampling of the live entertainment you’ll find at Knott’s Berry Farm during the annual Boysenberry Festival. There is also year-round entertainment at Knott’s that switches up a bit for different celebrations and seasons.

We hope to see you there soon!

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Cathi and David Crismon

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
Simple Sojourns is a Southern California lifestyle and travel blog with a vegan twist. We do our best to live in harmony with the environment while eating a plant-based diet. We love to explore new destinations as well as the familiar. We know the only thing that’s constant is change!

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