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A Knott's Merry Farm Date with Someone Special

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A Knott's Merry Farm Date with Someone Special

Cathi and David Crismon

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
Simple Sojourns is a Southern California lifestyle and travel blog with a vegan twist. We do our best to live in harmony with the environment while eating a plant-based diet. We love to explore new destinations as well as the familiar. We know the only thing that’s constant is change!

It doesn’t matter how you say it …

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Buon Natale, or Frohe Weihnachten! 

It’s the time of year for celebrating the spirit of Christmas with festivities, family, friends and good food. And a Knott’s Merry Farm date with someone special is extra special!


Tis’ the season when Knott’s pulls out all the stops and goes way beyond expectations with dining experiences, entertainment, and decorations! Knott’s Merry Farm has transformed the park with unbelievable decorations and delectable fare. There truly is something for everyone!

As grandparents, we relish the days we spend with our grandkids. We have adventure after adventure with them and it never gets old! Knott’s Merry Farm with the grandkids is incredible. But Knott’s Merry Farm is just as magical if you’re going on a date with that special someone in your life. 

Here are our best tips for having a Merry Farm filled day! 



Just walking about Merry Farm and taking in all the decorations will put you in a festive mood! Believe us when we say that Knott’s knows how to decorate for the holidays. From Calico Ghost Town, to Fiesta Village, to The Boardwalk, to Camp Snoopy, the holiday decor is fun and festive!

Shows and Entertainment

Knott’s Merry Farm is chock full of festive entertainment. The Calico Carolers are one of our favorites. You’ll find them in various places throughout Ghost Town.

And The Calico Saloon Christmas Show is full of Christmas songs and laughter. There’s even a bit of audience participation! Don’t be surprised if you're called upon to join in!

You don’t want to miss “Snoopy’s Ice Show – Merry Christmas Snoopy!” in the Charles M Schulz Theatre. The music and the skaters are absolutely incredible!

“It’s the Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown” is a huge musical production playing nightly on the Calico Mine Stage. 

One of our favorite places at Knott’s is the Bird Cage Theatre. We love the seasonal shows and the Christmas show is no exception. Check the showtimes at the theatre because there are two, yes two, different productions: The Gift of the Magi and A Christmas Carol. You’ll want to see both! Shows are on select days only.

And not to be missed, is the nightly Christmas Tree Lighting in Calico Square and Snow and Glow in Ghost Town. Both will get you into the Christmas spirit with music and good cheer. Just wait until you hear the kids squeal with delight when it snows!

Santa’s Christmas Cabin

Hey! Santa isn’t just for the kids. We had the best time in Santa’s Christmas Cabin. Besides the jolly man himself, there are lots of treats and holiday fare to enjoy by one and all. 


Did someone say food? Oh yes! Merry Farm has a festive variety of sweet and savory food items to choose from. From the Turkey Poutine to the hearty Holiday Turkey Sandwich to the Holiday Tamales to the Holiday Elote. You quite simply might have a difficult time choosing your favorites.

But what about sweet treats you might ask? Holiday cakes and cupcakes, festive eclairs, flavorful macaroons, and fun Snoopy cookies! And that’s just the tip of the holiday treat iceberg! 



Oh yes! The shopping! Not only are the shops filled with holiday items, but they’re also decorated from top to bottom in the spirit of Christmas!

So, as you can see, Knott’s Merry Farm is just as festive and fun on a special date with your sweetheart as it is with the whole family.

What will you be looking forward to most of all at Merry Farm?

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Cathi and David Crismon

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
Simple Sojourns is a Southern California lifestyle and travel blog with a vegan twist. We do our best to live in harmony with the environment while eating a plant-based diet. We love to explore new destinations as well as the familiar. We know the only thing that’s constant is change!

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