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Knott's Berry Farm

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Knott's Soak City Cabanas - A Waterfront Paradise

David Elliott

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
I’m David Elliott, writer and content creator behind The Single Dad’s Guide to Life.  The blog was born as a labor of love exploring my journey as a single father, providing single parents with support, opportunities, and deals they could put to use in their life.  But it has grown into so much more, reaching out to parents in every situation with lifestyle advice and opportunities for the modern parent.

Wherever you go this summer with your family, there is a ton to consider.  How far do you want to go?  How many people will be coming with you?  And what things do you need to bring with you for the trip?  A simple trip to the beach consists of blankets, towels, food, water cooler, umbrella, bathing suits, parking considerations, sunscreen, etc.  The list seems endless.  And by the time you get there, all you get to do is put out fires (not including the fire pit at the beach). If you go any further than the beach, your considerations multiply.  So what to do you might ask?  Nothing captures the spirit of summer vacation and relaxation more than a staycation at Knott’s Soak City Cabanas.

When it comes to your summer months, there is nothing quite so precious as the time you have with your family. As a single father, I constantly think about what to do with my daughter over the summer. The older she gets, the more difficult this problem becomes as her likes and dislikes evolve.  Gone are the days of doing Elmo voices with my daughter while reading her a book and laughing. I have to up my game if I want to up my dad coolness quotient.

As your child enters their tween and teenage years you find out “things” no longer cut it when engaging with your children.  When my daughter was younger, a new doll or bicycle would suffice.  But as I became a divorced parent and my daughter grew older, I found out sharing experiences with her bonded us in a way which nothing else could.  While your teen may be pulling away from you in many ways, they still get excited when you take them out of their routine and connect with them.

My daughter and I love Knott’s Berry Farm for these bonding experiences.  If you get there on the right day, you will catch my daughter and I at the schoolhouse arguing with the teacher about having homework on a Saturday, getting interviews for the newspaper during Knott’s Ghost Town Alive, or lazing down the Sunset River at Knott’s Soak City counting clouds.  As much as my daughter loves spending time with her friends, she appreciates this time with her dad just as much.  She treasures this time.

But if you want to be considered parent of the year AND enjoy yourself at the same time, getting a Cabana at Knott’s Soak City is the perfect solution.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you.  Here are ten reasons for getting a Cabana at Knott’s Soak City will make everyone in your family happy, and be the perfect staycation solution to your summer excursion demands.

10 Reasons A Cabana Is A Must Have At Knott’s Soak City

10) They serve you delicious food at the Cabana.

Imagine being served at a restaurant all day while going to a water park.  Your family always has food needs while out.  But now you don’t have to go running around making decisions.  You can do it all from the confines of your cabana.  Whether great pizzas, hamburgers or an appetizer of ceviche, your options abound.

9)  All of your hydration needs are met in one place.

I know going to a water park I always worry about my daughter staying hydrated.  It’s like being in a bath all day and your fingers prune the whole time.  At the Cabana, they serve you water all day, along with any other libations you may be interested in.  You won’t have to go running around to find it.

8)  Having a staycation with your family shouldn’t feel like a chore, and in a Cabana, it doesn’t.

So many times you go out, you feel like you have to put in a ton of work to have fun with your family.  And when you get there, you put in even more work.  But with a Cabana, all of your relaxation needs are met while your kids expend a ton of energy.  They get to go out.  You get to be served.  And you have everything ready for your kids when they come back to the Cabana.  What could be better?

7)  You can get some great sun, or stay in the shade.  It’s all up to you.

One of the hardest things at any water park is balancing sun and shade time.  While you are out there to get some great Vitamin D, naturally, you don’t want to end up like a lobster by day’s end.  Having the Cabana, you pick and choose how much sun you experience.

6)  It’s a great place to find balance.

The hardest part of any adventure, be it staycation or vacation, is being able to balance relaxation with thrill-seeking.  Even at a simple amusement park, you run around all day from one event or thrill ride to the next.  Get a Cabana and you do not have to do this.  Pick and choose what you do when you want to do it.

5) You can let out your inner child.

So often we are bombarded by responsibilities for things in the world.  At a Cabana, you get to put away the responsible parent face and enjoy things with your kids.  Whether it means sitting next to your teenage daughter as she sunbathes, laughing with your kids as you pound that extra slice of guilt-free pizza, or lounging on the deck as you read a book and watch your kids in the wave pool, you leave most of your responsibilities behind you.

4)  Getting a Cabana gives you the chance to know your kids a bit better.

So many times while you are out running around you don’t get a chance to talk to your kids.  As they get older, it’s even harder to talk to them.  At A Cabana you can that parent bonding time.  They go and have fun, but come back to you throughout the day at a place where they won’t have their cell phone or other electronic devices to comfort them.  A Cabana is perfect for those "one on one" talks.

3)  Your kids will think you are cool.

Ok, maybe it’s a stretch.  But being a parent is tricky business.  You almost always feel like you are forgetting something.   But everything at the Cabana is taken care of for you.  Being there, your kids know you are on top of things.  And you can give them the freedom to have experiences on their own while looking after them at the same time.  You couldn’t be any cooler.

2)  There is so much variety with the Cabana experience.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I need a vacation from my vacation”?  It happens too often.  With a Cabana, you relax.  But it also means having fun.  Whether it means eating too much, relaxing, and then splashing your son in the wave pool, having a Cabana allows you all this.  And everyone gets to get in on the act.  Even if fun for you means lounging in a chair and reading a good book.  You cannot go wrong there.

1)  The Cabana creates memories which last a lifetime.

The most important thing about experiences, especially staycations, is they should be unique.  The best thing about going on excursions with my daughter is sharing something entirely new.  If you have never done a Cabana at Knott’s Soak City, then what you are waiting for?  It will be something your whole family will remember.

If all this weren’t enough, let me say one last thing. Get yourself a Gold Season Pass and enjoy everything Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer. Whether it be thrilling rides, Ghost Town Adventures, or luxuriating by a wave pool, you won’t want to miss anything all season long.  So, purchase a pass today before the Summer passes you by. And rent yourself a Cabana too.  You will thank me.

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David Elliott

Knott's Berry Blogger 2019
I’m David Elliott, writer and content creator behind The Single Dad’s Guide to Life.  The blog was born as a labor of love exploring my journey as a single father, providing single parents with support, opportunities, and deals they could put to use in their life.  But it has grown into so much more, reaching out to parents in every situation with lifestyle advice and opportunities for the modern parent.

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