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Knott's Berry Farm

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Five Not to Miss Knott's Spooky Farm Treats

Pattie Cordova

Knott's Anniversary Ambassador
Living Mi Vida Loca is an award-winning Latina lifestyle blog written by Pattie Cordova. It’s based out of the Los Angeles area and covers travel, beauty, parenting, and food. We love coffee, fiestas & chisme!

Our Knott’s Berry Farm season pass <> is the gift that keeps on giving. Early this month, I took my familia to do a mini foodie tour of all the different treats offered during Knott’s Spooky Farm. I made sure to bring along my platinum pass for the free parking AND the 20% off ALL FOOD ITEMS!!! Yup – we did the foodie tour on.a.budget!!!

As a family of five, it can be a bit hard on the wallet to feed everyone all the treats, so what we did was buy a bunch of different treats and we all shared. And before I go on with my list of must-try foods, I’m going to tell you my trick to getting all these cool pics… buy two of everything. LOL Yup – you buy one to keep them fed while you take pictures of the one that’s going on your Facebook and Instagram feed (don’t forget to tag Knott’s!). That way, they’re not just hanging around waiting for you to capture the perfect shot. Now on with the show…

I had the pleasure of trying out a few Knott’s Spooky Farm treats before the day we went. So I already knew what was on top of my list… I also knew which ones we had to try because they sounded delicious but I hadn’t tried it yet. So if you’re heading out to Knott’s Spooky Farm, these are the treats I recommend. Also, certain items are ONLY available during Knott’s Scary Farm. I highly recommend you use their specially-themed foods as a distraction from the monsters.

5 Treats you Have to Try at Knott’s Spooky Farm

Dante’s Inferno Fries, La Papa Loca, $9.99

I’ve been talking about these fries to anyone who mentions Knott’s to me. I am La Papa Loca’s number one fan not only because they’re in my favorite part of the park (¡hola! Fiesta Village) but because they make the most delicious fries in the park. I’m a big fan of their curly fries but put Flaming Hot Cheetos on their shoestring fries and I have a new favorite. The Dante’s Inferno Fries are shoestring fries topped with carne asada, cheese, jalapenos, and Flaming Hot Cheetos. It’s a generous portion and one box can easily feed two (if you’re willing to share).

Next, we strolled down to the Boardwalk and picked up a few more treats.

Chaos Carmel Apple Shake ($7.59) at Coasters

Our first stop along the Boardwalk was Coasters. During the Summer, they had a delicious specialty shake and we decided to keep the tradition going by trying their new Chaos Carmel Apple Shake. To get this shot, I asked for the shake without the lid. This way, it’s just perfect for Instagram.

The shake is thick and just the right amount of sweetness. The caramel is drizzled along the sides of the cup and you can ask for a light dusting of cinnamon to top it off. Again, this is the perfect sharing size as you make your way to your next foodie stop.

Ghostly Bundt Cake ($3.99) at the Coffee Hut

After the shake, I was totally craving some coffee. So we stopped by the Coffee Hut near Charles M. Schultz Theatre to get a boysenberry latte and a sweet treat to go with it – the Ghostly Bundt Cake. This is also where you can get one of those cute Snoopy Vampire cookies for the chiclets.

This bundt cake is pumpkin flavored and topped with white chocolate. It pairs great with boysenberry lattes and it is has a super rich flavor. Grab it then head over to the next stop (Beachy Keen Pizza) where there are tables that you can use to take a rest.

Dark Entities Dole Whip ($7.99) at Beachy Keen Pizza

Beachy Keen Pizza is located in front of the bumper cars and take note – it opens at noon. Get there early and you’ll be the first to try the Dark Entities Dole Whip! They fill up a black cone with the Dole Whip and then top it off with some gummy worms. It does start melting a little quick, so ask for an extra bowl to dump it into for the little ones.

Inferno Churro ($6.59) at the Churro Factory

Lastly, I highly recommend you pick up an Inferno Churro at The Churro Factory and take it into the Calico Saloon to catch “Mysto the Slightly Magnificent!” show. This churro is topped with fire hot sugar and tastes a bit like a Big Red gum. Their classic churro is rolled in a spicy topping, sprinkled and then filled with spiced cream. It’s not too spicy for the chiclets though – mine devoured it while they watched the show.

And there you have it, five spooky treats to enjoy on your next trip to Knott’s Spooky Farm. Of course, the best way to enjoy these Knott's Spooky Farm treats is with a Knott's Season Pass. If you get one before the year is over, you'll be able to visit once during the current year at no additional charge! Use our ultimate guide to choosing a Knott's Berry Farm season pass to get the best pass for yourself (and your family) and to see what kind of add-ons they offer.

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Pattie Cordova

Knott's Anniversary Ambassador
Living Mi Vida Loca is an award-winning Latina lifestyle blog written by Pattie Cordova. It’s based out of the Los Angeles area and covers travel, beauty, parenting, and food. We love coffee, fiestas & chisme!

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