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Knott's Berry Farm

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No-Sew DIY Halloween Costumes for Knott's Spooky Farm

Need a last-minute costume idea of Knott's Spooky Farm?  No worries!  All you need is sticker vinyl, scissors and some clothing pieces you probably already have in your closet.  The best part about this DIY is that you can peel off the stickers when you're done with your costume and have your regular clothes back ready for the next costume!

The kids decided to be The Great Pumpkin and Pig Pen's Skeleton costume (who is new this year to Knott's Spooky Farm!).  Here's what you'll need:

A black base (dress or shirt) for Pig Pen, or an orange base for the pumpkin

Gray and black sticker vinyl (you can find this at any craft store.  Just make sure that you DON'T get "Heat Transfer Vinyl")


A pen to sketch your design or you can print a design off the internet 

Step one:  Sketch out the design on the back of the sticker vinyl. 

Using a photo I had of Pig Pen, I sketched out the shape of the skeleton on the backside of the vinyl.  For the Jack o Lantern face, you can even have your kids design what they want the face to look like. 


Step two:  Cut out the design using regular scissors.


Step three:  Peel off the backing and stick on your clothing items.

That's it!  So easy, right?!  Don't forget about the "Calling all the Monsters Costume Contest" that happens on weekends at 3:15 at Camp Snoopy Theater.  All kids dressed any any costume are welcome to show off their costumes and walk across the stage with JT, Snoopy, Lucy and Charlie Brown! Pro tip:  kids start lining up on the right side of the stage on the orange line.  If you don't want to wait too long for your turn, hang out around there about 10 minutes before the costume contest starts.  Every person will get a chance to go on stage, so there is no need to rush to be first.

Every participant gets an official ribbon for entering the contest!  Three lucky winners are picked at each show and the prize is a Snoopy plush and an admission ticket for Knott's Berry Farm!  The best part is seeing everyone's creative costumes and getting a moment to shine on stage.  After the costume contest, a couple of special Peanuts friends will be in the audience for a dance party!

Be sure to find everyone in the Peanuts gang dressed up in their costumes!  Here's a list of characters you can find:


JT in her 50's outfit and Snoopy as the Masked Beagle


Frankenstein Charlie Brown and Witch Lucy


Mummy Peppermint Patty


Others you can find include:

Skeleton Pig Pen (NEW!)

Pumpkin Flower Sally

Phantom of the Opera Schroeder

Vampire Franklin

Pirate Woodstock

Scarecrow Linus 


For more costume inspo, you can follow LittleGrayThread on Instagram @littlegraythread

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