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Knott's Berry Farm

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Get to Know the Knott's Anniversary Ambassador Team - Sandy Toes and Popsicles

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is home to world-class rides, thrilling roller coasters, shows & attractions in 4 themed areas including Old West Ghost Town and Camp Snoopy.

This week on the Knott's Berry Blog, we'll be continuing our weekly series where we feature each one of our Knott's Anniversary Ambassadors. Our Knott's Anniversary Ambassadors are part of a yearly program where we work with prominent local bloggers who have a passion for all things Knott's! 



This week we'll be featuring Sandy Toes and Popsicles




Jill Parkin


Link to Outlet:





Tell Us About Your Outlet:

Sandy Toes and Popsicles is and Orange County Family lifestyle blog that shares the latest happenings and fun things to do in OC and Southern California. It focuses on showing families the best spots and locations to visit, the best food, events, and even family-friendly recipes and treats. I try to show how to make exploring OC easy and enjoyable for families by sharing tips and tricks that have helped our family have the best experiences.


Tell Us About Yourself:

I am a native and current resident of Orange County with my husband and four kids Jack, Kyle, Vann, and Dani. Our family enjoys exploring the OC, especially the beaches, parks, Knott's Berry Farm, restaurants, and discovering hidden gems. Be sure to check out my website to see what we find! I also enjoy cooking, gardening, entertaining, and sewing. I especially love making costumes for my daughter to wear to Knott's Berry Farm…you may have spotted us at the Farm.


Favorite Knott's Memory:

I have too many memories just to pick one…I even remember visiting the park when I was little. One time I remember sledding on real snow with Snoopy, and when I was in Junior High, our choir got toe perform on the old Calico Stage. My favorite memory of recent was last year visiting during Knott's Spooky Farm. The kids dressed up as Ghost Town Ghouls and had the best time trick or treating and interacting with the real Ghost Town Ghouls.


Top Three Must Do's for People Visiting the Park:

  1. Knott's is not just for rides! Make sure to walk around and explore Ghost Town.
  2. Ride the Timber Mountain Log Ride.
  3. Get your photo with Snoopy.


Any Fun Tips for People Visiting the Park:

  • If you want to surprise your friends, visit Sad Eye Joe next to the old hotel. On the down low, tell the sheriff next to the hotel their names, and Sad Eye Joe will greet them by name.
  • On your birthday, you can get a birthday button at Guest Services near Ghostrider.
  • If you haven't dressed your kids up in Knott's inspired costumes while visiting the park, I highly recommend it. It makes the visit special and fun. Some of my best memories are of my daughter dressed up in her costumes visiting Snoopy and the gang, or the Ghost Town characters.


All Of Our Favorites:

Season of Fun: Merry Farm & Ghost Town Alive! are my absolute favorite…however, it's really hard to pick because I love them all.  I also really enjoyed Summer Nights Last year, and I hope that becomes a regular thing at Knott's. 

Peanuts Character: Snoopy of course

Ride: Pony Express and Calico Train

Show: Snow and Glow at Christmas and the new Home for the Holiday stage show. Also loved Beach Blanket Beagle and Snoopy Ice Show: Merry Christmas Snoopy!

Food Item: Traditional Boysenberry Pie slice alamode

Merchandise item: Snoopy Ears headbands

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Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is home to world-class rides, thrilling roller coasters, shows & attractions in 4 themed areas including Old West Ghost Town and Camp Snoopy.

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