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100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass

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100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass to Knott's Berry Farm
100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass to Knott's Berry Farm
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Join in all of the fun and thrills with a 2020 Season Pass!

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Here are our 100 favorite reasons!

Unlimited visits all season long. Discounts on select food and merchandise. Become friends with the cowboys. The meanest coaster in the West.
See a real blacksmith in action. Pilot your own plane on Flying Ace. Hang with Snoopy and the PEANUTS Gang. Cool off all summer at Soak City Waterpark with a Gold Pass.
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Park Visits

1. Unlimited visits all season long
2. Early entry on select rides during summer
3. Enjoy all of the Seasons of Fun
4. Exclusive offers and events
5. No blackout dates
6. Be the first to know with Passholder Preview Events
7. Something for everyone
8. Stay a few hours or play all day
9. Plan a Staycation with discounts at the Knott's Hotel

Food and Merchandise

10. Because a funnel cake should be your dessert every night
11. To finally win that Games prize
12. Discounts on select food and merchandise
13. Become a Foodie with the tastes of Knott's culinary history
14. To build up those points on the Knott's Game Card
15. To try a new Boysenberry item each visit
16. Access to exclusive pins from the Pin Trading Program
17. Dine with a discount at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant 
18. Build your collection of Snoopy plush with each visit
19. To have burgers and shakes at one of the largest Johnny Rockets restaurants in the world
20. Discount on the all-natural Berry Market line of jams and jellies
21. Discounts at the Ghost Town Bakery.....Yum!
22. To try the Boysenberry Icee
23. Cool off with a cup of Dippin' Dots
24. Find everything Snoopy at Snoopy Headquarters and get a discount too
25. Pick up some fresh baked bread at the Farm Bakery in the California Marketplace
26. To try the Boysenberry Latte at the Gourmet Coffee Hut
27. Sip the afternoon away with some ice cold Boysenberry punch
28. To try the Churro Sundae at the Gourmet Churro Factory
29. Find out what the day's special is at the Ghost Town Grill

Live the Old West

30. Become friends with the cowboys
31. Travel the Old West in style
32. Pay a visit to Sad Eye Joe all season long
33. Strike it rich at Pan for Gold
34. Travel through the inner workings of an old mine on the Calico Mine Ride
35. See how schools were back in the day at The Old School House

Thrilling Rides

36. Feel the thrill of Xcelerator over and over
37. Fight Crafty Coyote and his mischievous pups as much as you want
38. The longeset, tallest, fastest wooden coaster on the West Coast.
39. Get soaked on Big Foot Rapids
40. Ride the Timber Mountain Log Ride over and over again
41. Save the Bear-y Tales Boysenberry Pies
42. Twist and shout on Sierra Sidewinder
43. See the view from the top of Supreme Scream
44. Flip upside down six times a run on Silver Bullet
45. Ride horseback at speeds never imagined in the Old West on Pony Express
46. Hairpin turns on Coast Rider
47. Dare to reach the heights of Supreme Scream
48. The roar of Jaguar!

Seasonal Events

49. See everything Boysenberry at the springtime Boysenberry Festival
50. Celebrate Knott's 100th Anniversary with a grand summer-long celebration
51. End your summer with a bang and our Labor Day Sunday spectacular fireworks show
52. Dress up the kids at Knott's Spooky Farm
53. Knott's Scary Farm admission discounts (Knott's Scary Farm admission is not included with a season pass)
54. Celebrate the spirit of the Christmas season at Knott's Merry Farm
55. Ring in the New Year with New Year's Eve midnight fireworks


56. See the exquisite details of the model size California Missions
57. Let your inner train enthusiast come out on the Calico Railroad or Camp Snoopy Train
58. See a real Blacksmith in action
59. Go back in time at the Western Trails Museum
60. Learn something new about the Old West with each visit

Little Thrills for Little Ones

61. Pilot your own plane on Flying Ace
62. Get dirty on Pigpen's Mud Buggies
63. Head to camp on the Camp Bus ride
64. Put the kids to work on Huff and Puff
65. Drive your own semi on Rocky Mountain Trucking Co.
66. The pint-sized coaster Timberline Twister
67. Fly high on Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer

Family Fun

68. To create new memories each season 
69. Snoopy hugs
70. Hike through the High Sierras in Camp Snoopy
71. Find something that every generation will enjoy
72. Make every Sunday a #SundayFunday
73. Hang with Snoopy and the PEANUTS Gang
74. Count your steps throughout the acres of the park
75. Knott's Hotel restaurant and room discounts
76. Test your driving skills on Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars
77. Add photo memories to your online photo album
78. Never hear "i'm bored" again
79. See who can find the quickest route from Pony Express to the High Sierra Ferris Wheel
80. Spin, spin, spin on the Hat Dance
81. Fly high on Surfside Gliders
82. To see who can get the highest score on Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair

Shows and Entertainment

83. Step in for show at the historic Birdcage Theatre
84. To swing the summer nights away
85. Enjoy dozens of live shows throught the season
86. Experience the magic of the Mystery Lodge Show
87. Learn to salsa dance in Fiesta Village
88. Belly up to the bar for the Calico Saloon Show
89. See the Peanuts Gang singing and dancing in their own stage show
90. Discover Native American heritage through music and dance at the Indian Trails Stage
91. Wild Stunts. Wilder West.

Additional Gold Pass Benefits

92. Cool off all summer at Soak City Waterpark
93. Early entry on select days to Soak City Waterpark
94. Discounts on select food and merchandise at Soak City Waterpark
95. Make a splash at Orange County's largest waterpark
96. Spend the day floating in the Lazy River at Soak City, then the night with dinner and a show at Knott's Berry Farm
97. Let the little ones splash away at Gremmie Lagoon
98. Ride the new slides of Shore Break and The Wedge
99. Play on the interactive Beach House
100. Race your friends sliding down headfirst on Banzai Falls

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Knott's Berry Farm wishes you a #HappyNewYear! We can't wait to celebrate this monumental year. #Knotts100 Join us for #MerryFarm festivities today from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. -- @knotts
It's been quite some time since Knott's Berry Farm participated in the Tournament of Roses Parade. 🌹 Today we pay homage to the Knott's family with the original buggy Walter and Cordelia rode around the park. Tune in to KTLA for the broadcast! #Knotts100 #TodayInHistory -- @knotts
The Calico Railroad remains a classic. 🚂 Walter Knott bought pieces of an authentic railroad in Colorado's Denver and Rio Grande Western for this addition to Ghost Town that is still in operation today with engines dating back to 1881. 🤠 #TodayInHistory #Knotts100 -- @knotts
Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Resturant continues to carry on the tradition of this classic family meal served so many years ago. 🍽️ Stop by today to enjoy history with a side of boysenberry pie! #Knotts100 #TodayInHistory -- @knotts
Cordelia (Hornaday) Knott was born this day in 1890. In 1904, she traveled with her family to Pomona, California, where she met and married Walter Knott. There wouldn't be a Knott's Berry Farm today without Cordelia. #HappyBirthday to Cordelia Knott! #TodayInHistory #Knotts100 🎉 -- @knotts
The new play, "The Flying Scud," ran for seven acts with a 45-minute playtime at the Bird Cage Theatre. 🎭 The venue is still in use today including Peanuts Sketch School going on now as part of the #KnottsPeanutsCelebration. #TodayInHistory #Knotts100 -- @knotts
Virginia Maurine Knott was the first child born to Walter and Cordelia on Jan. 26, 1913, followed by, Russel, on Jan. 10, 1916. Soon after Rachel Elizabeth (Toni) was born on Jan. 25, 1917. Each child helped to turn the Farm into what it is today. #TodayInHistory #Knotts100 -- @knotts
The Knott family made Buena Park famous, yet for the first few decades, Buena Park was not an incorporated city. 2 years later, local residents voted to add 700 acres to the city, including Knott's Berry Farm. #TodayInHistory #Knotts100 @VisitBuenaPark -- @knotts