Boarding Pass Program

At Knott's Berry Farm we are proud of our reputation for accommodating guests with disabilities through our Ride Admission Policy. To continue to provide equal access for all guests, be aware that all guests with mobility impairments or ASD will now receive a Ride Boarding Pass with wait times. The Ride Boarding Pass Program allows guests to access rides at specified times via the exit ramp in order to avoid crowds and waiting in the regular queue lines.

There are two options available for guests who are in possession of a Boarding Pass:

1. Rides with lines – Guests will obtain a boarding or “ride” time on the Boarding Pass that is equal to the anticipated wait time for a particular ride from the ride employee at the Alternate Access Entrance. Guests can then choose to rest comfortably away from the queue area or enjoy another ride that does not have a line, visit a shop, see a show or play a game until their boarding time.

2. Rides with no lines
– Guests may ride at any time via the Alternate Access Entrance (usually the exit) and be seated on one of the next available cycles.

For a complete listing of guidelines when using the Alternate Access entrances, please download and review our Guest Assistance Guide.

Here’s How it Works:


The guest with a mobility impairment or ASD should visit the Information Center at the Front Gate upon his/her arrival at the park to express his/her inability to wait in the regular line. Some questions are asked to ensure that the rider has the required physical criteria in order to safely experience rides, and a Boarding Pass is issued for the guest in question and up to 3 riding companions.


In addition to a Boarding Pass, the guest with a mobility impairment or ASD will receive a “Rider Access Sheet” that has the rides that the guest with a disability can safely enjoy.


For rides that do not have lines, the Guest and his/her party simply takes the Rider Access Sheet with them through the ride’s Alternate Access Entrance and they will be boarded on the next available cycle.


For rides that do have lines, the Boarding Pass will be required. The rider (or a member of their party) obtains a boarding time from the ride employee at the Alternate Access Entrance, equivalent to the length of the ride line. The rider is able to ride other rides that do not have lines while waiting for the boarding or “ride” time issued on the Boarding Pass.


The guest listed on the Boarding Pass must be present as a rider when a Boarding Pass is being utilized.


Guests may not accumulate more than one boarding time at a time.