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Balloon Race

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Balloon Race

Balloon Race

Fly high above the High Sierra Mountains of Camp Snoopy® in your very own miniature version of a “hot air balloon”.

Snoopy invites you to step aboard one of his high flying balloons to compete for the title of Best Balloon Racer in Camp Snoopy®! Help Snoopy face off against his old pal Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, and the whole Peanuts gang on who can race their hot air balloon around Camp Snoopy® the fastest and claim the honor of being called The Best Balloon Racer in camp.

Up, Up, and Away

Make your way to a colorful PEANUTS® themed balloon of your choice and hop aboard. Watch as you lift and fly above the beautiful High Sierra’s that surrounds Camp Snoopy®. Wave high to your friends below as you see your friends enjoy other camp activities such as The Grand Sierra Railroad, Woodstock’s Air Mail, and the thrilling Sierra Sidewinder.

Height Requirement: 36 inches or accompanied by a supervising companion

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