Boardwalk Shopping

Boardwalk Shopping at Knott's Berry Farm

California Ports

Surf on down to California Ports, the store with all the branded surf and skate merchandise such as Quicksilver and Volcom, this side of the Boardwalk! Enjoy everything from trendy t-shirts, to the latest style of hoodies. No matter what sport you're into, style is found at California Ports.

Classic Candy

Classic Candy harkens back to the days when you could find a candy store on the Main Street of every city in America. The highlight of the store is the "Candy By The Decades" section, which showcases candy by the decade when they first appeared. Find your favorite candy from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and today. Hundreds of different candies are available including taffy, candy bars, gummy bears and a whole lot more. 

Cordy’s Corner

Named after one of our founders, Cordelia Knott, Cordy's Corner features a wide variety of Knott's Berry Farm and Peanuts souvenir merchandise and clothing. Forgot your camera, sunglasses or sunscreen? Not to worry! Cordy's Corner has a selection of sundries to help make your day more enjoyable.

Lee's Last Stop

Do you have a TV show that you are hooked on? Check out Lee's Last Stop for branded TV show items such as the Simpsons and Duck Dynasty. You will love the variety of items that can be found for each show inside of one store!



After taking a ride on the newest attracton Voyage to the Iron Reef, explore the merchandise themed after this under the sea adventure! Nautilus is filled with items ranging from Kraken Queen playing cards, clothing, creative fun memorabilia, and fun Iron Reef accessories! You may also find items themed after popular television shows. 

Airbrush T-Shirts

Bring home an airbrushed t-shirt, hat, keychain or frame that is styled just for you. These artistic, creative pieces of apparel will put a smile on anyone's face. pick from a variety of backgrounds as well as a name or phrase, and watch the airbrush magic begin!