Ghost Town Shopping

Ghost Town Shops

Bigfoot Rapids Trader

Drenched after a thrilling ride down Bigfoot Rapids?  Head to Bigfoot Rapids Trader to purchase some stylish (and dry!) new clothing. The open-air shop is located across from the entrance of Big Foot Rapids and also carries a variety of merchandise and souvenirs.  

General Store

Established in 1944, the General Store is the oldest and largest shop in Ghost Town, featuring souvenirs and gifts with Wild West flair. For the outlaw in all of us, fine leather goods, western hats and a full line of Knott's Ghost Town souvenirs are available. The old fashioned candy counter with nearly 100 varieties of sugary confections satisfies even the most untamed sweet tooth.  Or just stop by to play a friendly game of Checkers on the over-sized game board near the Indian Trails store entrance. 

Geode Shop

The Geode Shop, located near the entrance of Ghost Town, is where you'll marvel at fossil and mineral samples from around the world that exceed museum quality.  Also on display is an enormous and diversified dinosaur egg collection, including one of two known fossil embryo eggs. Take home a piece of this rockin' collection with the purchase of a geode that's carved open right before your eyes! 

Ghost Rider Goods

Take home a souvenir representing one of the largest, longest, and tallest wooden roller coaster in the world! Located directly across from the GhostRider exit, GhostRider Goods features a selection of souvenirs and apparel every GhostRiding conqueror needs. Prove that you conquered the wildest wooden ride in the west with a t-shirt, mug, hat, or sweatshirt!

Ghost Town Candy

Is your sweet tooth hankering for a treat? Located next to the Gourmet Churro Factory, the Ghost Town Candy shop has unique and traditional treats that will tantalize your taste buds. This is your one stop shop for candy, gourmet dipped apples, and cinnamon glazed nuts. Don’t miss out on the world’s most decadent and delicious fudge! Buy a bag of your favorite sweet, tasty, delectable treats while enjoying the farm!

Ghost Town’s Glass Blower

Located near Fireman’s BBQ, the Ghost Town Glass Blower lures you in to show the beauty of handmade glass. Watch Knott’s Berry Farm’s famous glass blower create marvelous creations with nothing more than a stick of glass and a blazing torch. These hand blown glass items are melted to perfection. You can also find the original gristmill, located just outside of Ghost Town’s Glass Blower.

Ghost Town Magic & Novelties

The Ghost Town Magic & Novelties shop is where the magic happens every day! From humorous novelty items to thrilling do-it-yourself illusions, you won't believe your eyes when you gaze upon the wonders of the magic shop.  Throughout the day, Knott's very own pioneers of prestidigitation perform unbelievable feats of magic for shop guests.  Come by and make some magic...before it disappears!

Gold Trails Hotel & Mercantile

It's the turn of the 20th century in Ghost Town, and the Gold Trails Hotel & Mercantile is where you'll find a selection of glamorous fashion accessories and gifts fit for the times.  And for the even more modern pioneer, the Hotel is also the flagship pin trading location, featuring a sharp collection of Peanuts, attractions, and your main stop for Knott's pins!  No barterin' for the pins, but once you purchase your lot, you're bound to find other cowboys and cowgirls to trade with around the Park.  

Kaman’s Leather Shop

Located on the Ghost Town side of the Calico Stage, Kaman’s Leather Shop is your place for everything leather! Hand crafted leather bracelets, belts, wallets, and even cell phone holders! Kaman’s Leather Shop even offers personalizing on many leather products. Bring home a piece of the old west with authentic leather items, a necessity for every cowboy and cowgirl.

Little Spurs

Mosey on over to Little Spurs, a toy and clothing shop for junior cowpoke.  Located across from the entrance of Ghost Rider, you'll find vintage and western style toys, clothing, and sweets. Ride on into Little Spurs for souvenirs you won't find outside the wild west, like cowboy hats for when the sun's ablazin' and train whistles reminiscent of the grand Calico Railroad.  There's big fun inside Little Spurs.  


Mystery Lodge Store

The Mystery Lodge Store features stunning merchandise collections inspired by the Pacific Northwest Coast and Native American culture. This shop specializes in art with a Pacific Northwest influence, tribal masks, carvings, and jewelry handcrafted by Native Americans. Journey inside and discover an extensive collection of books and DVDs that celebrate the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature.

Overland Gun Shop

For nearly four decades, the Overland Gun Shop has been supplying Ghost Town travelers with an impressive selection of hard to find replicas of historical firearms, knives and swords. These non-shooting guns are perfect for displays, costumes and theatrical events and all date back to pre-1898.  Are you a gunslinger in need of some authentic accoutrements?  The Overland Gun Shop also carries a variety of fast-draw holsters, cap guns and pretend gun sets.  (Employees will help arrange for special merchandise pick-up/delivery for select products.)

Pitchur Gallery

Bring home Wild West family memories from the Pitchur Gallery, located across from the Indian Trails Stage. Bring in the whole family to dress in hundreds of outfits and pose in different western scenes that help bring the picture to life. No matter what picture you choose, the memories captured in these old time photos will last a lifetime.

The Stroller Shop

Walk up to The Stroller Shop and roll away in style.  Located just inside the entrance to Ghost Town, the shop rents single strollers, double strollers, wheelchairs and electric scooters for daily park use. You'll be able to get around the Farm with ease when you rent wheels from The Stroller Shop. Here, you can also pick up theme park essentials, like camera accessories, including SD cards, sundries, and a wide variety of Knott's most popular souvenirs.  

Tinker Shack

You can’t leave America’s first ever Theme Park without bringing home a memento! For all your last minute shopping needs, visit the Tinker Shack, located at the entrance of Ghost Town, next to the lockers. Items ranging from Snoopy plush, cowboy gun poppers, and Indian spears, this little store will help you keep those big memories alive! Don’t let the fun of Knott’s Berry Farm end when you walk out the gates!

Bottle House

One of the most unique buildings on Indian Trails, The Bottle House was named after the 3,082 different kind of bottles ranging from wine to whisky, used to construct the building. In the 1890s, bottles were used for construction when other building materials were tougher to come by. Why are the openings to all of the bottles facing inward? Because if they opened outwards, the building would howl loudly when the wind blows! The Bottle House celebrates our Native American heritage with one-of-a-kind Native American gifts and an assortment of books and DVDs.