Pin Trading Program

Pin collecting and trading dates back to the 1896 Summer Olympic Games in Greece, where Olympians traded pins as a way to meet and greet athletes from other countries.

Knott’s initial pin series, which was released on Memorial Day weekend 2012, consists of 118 designs that feature seasonal events, rides, attractions and characters that are uniquely Knott’s.


Knott's Pin Trading

There are two types of pins:

  • Non-Branded

  • Branded

Non-Branded Pins

Non-branded pins can be purchased in one of four stores: Cordy's Corner, Gold Trails Hotel, Snoopy Camp Store and B-4 U GO,. Some will be a part of a collectible set. All will feature the official Knott's Pin Trading logo on the back.

Branded Pins

Branded pins can be acquired only by trading with a Knott's Team Member. Branded pins are limited production and some will be part of collectible sets. All feature the official Knott's Pin Trading logo on the back. Branded pins also carry an additional identification: Snoopy's paw print on the front of the pin.

Like other theme parks, Knott’s Berry Farm has established policies, standards and a code of conduct for pin trading at the park:

Guest to Guest

The No. 1 rule when trading with a fellow guest is no cash may be offered or accepted during a trade. As with other theme parks, a Knott’s Berry Farm guest asking for cash or accepting cash can be asked to leave the park.

Additional policies include:

  • Pins should be in good, tradable condition, free of damage and defects.

  • There is no limit to the number of pin trades you can conduct during a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm, but pins should be traded one at a time.

  • For safety reasons, pins without the Snoopy Paw backing will be considered untradeable.

  • Always approach another guest with courtesy when asking for a pin trade.

  • Please respect other guests' personal space and do not touch their pins or lanyards. If you’d like a closer look, please ask for permission first.

Team Member to Guest

Knott’s Berry Farm Team Members available for pin trades will be wearing lanyards or belt patches with a selection of official Knott’s Berry Farm Trading Pins. The trade transaction is one for one – one of yours for one of the pins on the lanyard.

Please keep in mind that each Knott’s Team Member has duties and responsibilities and may not be able to trade if they are assisting another guest or completing a task. Simply let the Team Member know you’d like to make a trade and he or she will be with you as soon as possible.

Official policies:

  • Knott’s Berry Farm Team Members can only trade pins that feature the official Knott’s Berry Farm Pin Trading logo on the back.

  • Only two pins may be traded with each Team Member per day.

  • When trading with a Knott’s Team Member, he or she cannot trade for a pin that is already displayed on his or her lanyard.

  • Team Members cannot accept gifts or money in exchange for a pin.

  • Team Members are not able to trade lanyards.

More than anything else …. Enjoy! Happy Collecting!