Ghost Town Alive!

Live New Adventures in the Old West during Ghost Town Alive!

From May 27 through September 4, experience the old west town in a whole new way during Ghost Town Alive! Travel back in time to the boomtown of Calico and meet the lively townfolk. Participate in daily activities and shape the events that unfold, like pledging one’s allegiance to notorious bandits, to saving the day alongside courageous cowboys!

Ghost Town Alive! experiences and adventures include,

  • Getting a handlebar or walrus mustache "shave" at the Barbershop
  • Trying your luck at a game of cards with the sneaky Sheriff
  • Meeting the prospector and his trusty burro, Brutus
  • Locking up the bandits in the town patty wagon
  • Voting for the Mayor in the town election
  • Drawing up hand-made wanted posters
  • Visiting the Livery Stable to meet the friendly equestrian team of horses 

And every evening, the day’s story culminates with a town-wide celebration of Calico. Don't miss Ghost Town Alive! every day this summer, only at Knott's Berry Farm.