What to wear to Ghost Town Alive! - Easy DIY Cowgirl Skirt

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What to wear to Ghost Town Alive! - Easy DIY Cowgirl Skirt

Melanie Walsh |
June 20, 2018

Cowboy hats, bandanas, and vests...oh my!  It’s time to let out your inner miner as we welcome Ghost Town Alive! back to Knott’s Berry Farm this summer!

Ghost Town Alive! is back as the town of Calico comes to life in an interactive scavenger hunt brought to life by a lively cast of characters and YOU, the park guests. Calico has transformed into a boom town as gold was discovered by Peg Leg Cinch who hit the motherlode. Will the rest of town be shouting “Eureka!” this Founder’s Day?

What makes the Ghost Town Alive! experience so unique is that guests engage with the influence how the story plays out. From solving puzzles to joining a gang, citizens and newcomers will be prospecting by day and celebrating at the hoedown by night. 

One surefire way to make your visit even more engaging is by dressing the part.  For my littlest cowgirl, I opted to make her a super easy DIY cowgirl skirt. 

Easy DIY Cowgirl Skirt

What You’ll Need:

  • Elastic
  • Needle & Thread
  • Fabric and Bandanas
  • Roll of Tulle
  • Tape measure


Measure your child’s waist & cut elastic accordingly.  Remember that elastic will stretch so there’s no need to allow for any extra.

Place one inch of elastic over the other end and sew to form a waistband. I won’t tell Miss Donna over in the dress shop if you’d rather safety pin than sewing!

Measure your child from waist to knees. You’ll want to double this length to create fabric strips for your skirt.  My strips were 24 inches by 6 inches. For my 4-year-old, I used two yards of fabric total, one bandana, and a partial roll of tulle. 

Once the fabric’s cut, make a loop at the center of each strip behind your elastic.  Place both ends through the loop and pull taut.  Keep knotting the strips until your skirt is full and ready for a hoedown.

If you’re hoping to skedaddle into town a little bit faster, you can pick up your Ghost Town Alive! gear in the park.  Grab the 2018 Commemorative Roleplay Combo with a t-shirt, bandana, and pin for $16.99 at the General Store, Gold Trails Hotel, Little Spurs, or the Stroller Shop (while supplies last). The bandana is something truly special with the design featuring a map of Knott’s!

Throughout Calico, you’ll find other options for gear to get into the fun for Ghost Town Alive!  Find vests, satchels, and hats to complete your look.  You can even visit the town barbershop for a freshly trimmed mustache.

Grab your flannels, your suspenders, or Ghost Town Alive! tee and head down to Knott’s Berry Farm now through September 3rd to experience Ghost Town Alive!  Enjoy the entire season of fun with Season Passes. Y’all hurry over to Ghost Town Alive!