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Knott's Berry Farm

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5 Beer and Wine and Boysenberry Foods You Need To Try

Pattie Cordova

Knott's Anniversary Ambassador
Living Mi Vida Loca is an award-winning Latina lifestyle blog written by Pattie Cordova. It’s based out of the Los Angeles area and covers travel, beauty, parenting, and food. We love coffee, fiestas & chisme!

­­­Anyone who knows me knows that I love the boysenberry festival. It’s my absolute fave… not only because it’s basically one park-wide food festival celebrating the boysenberry – but because they have one entire building that houses wine AND beer… and they have boysenberry variations of both. It’s the absolute best!!! After years of going into the Wine and Beer Garden, I am finally putting together a little cheat sheet for anyone wondering which wine pairs best with which boysenberry foods (I got a little help from the wine experts at the garden). Also, visitors are able to walk around with alcoholic beverages as long as you’re wearing the “over 21” neon yellow bracelet. So feel free to take your wine and beer to go, and walk around to the different food spots.


Cherry Pie Pinot Noir

I’ll be the first to admit that I gravitated towards this bottle because of the packaging. I’m a sucker for cute bottles!!! The taste though? Uh-mazing!!! This wine comes from California (Monterey, Sonoma and Santa Barbara), and you’ll find that it’s light, sweet and definitely with a taste of berries. Pair it with the boysenberry short ribs! Pinot Noirs go well with a wide variety of dishes, so why not try it alongside a richer dish like the ribs?

Honeywood Boysenberry Wine

The highlight of our visit is always the boysenberry wine. It tastes great by itself, but we like to have it with something sweet (like the boysenberry turnover found at the Ghost Town Bakery). If you want something off the tasting card, the boysenberry wine would also go well with the boysenberry quesadilla.

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Red 2014

I’m a huge fan of the rosé version, and I’m just as big of fan of this one. It goes down smooth and the gal pouring it out suggested to us that we pair it with saltier and fattier foods, like the grilled sausage (also located at the beer and wine garden). Although, if you ask us, it would also taste delicious with one of the new boysenberry chocolate bars

Layer Cake Malbec

Malbec is rich but soft so it tastes great with cheese… like the kind that’s smothered between a boysenberry flour tortilla!!! Pair the Layer Cake Malbec with the boysenberry quesadilla, although you may want to skip the spicy sauce to get the most out of the wine.  

Strawberry Lambic Beer

This Belgian style of beer was naturally fermented and later blended with strawberry. Our source at Knott’s would pair this beer with either the chicken wings, hummus or elote (with all the fixings). The beer is absolutely delicious, dry and carbonated.

Try these five pairings next time you visit Knott’s during the Boysenberry Festival or try your own pairings!!! You’ll have a blast going around the park just drinking and eating.

Quick tip - Pick up a Wine and Beer Garden tasting card for $25 at the big red barn. It gives you access to six tastings AND a cheese plate. You don’t have to use the card all at once either, you can come and go as you wish.


Also? My favorite alcoholic boysenberry drink tip is to ask for a mix of the boysenberry beer and boysenberry cider. It’s absolutely delicious. This also happens to be the only spot in the garden where you can get the drink a la carte.

Do you have a favorite food and alcoholic drink pairing? Please share with us in the comments below!!!

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Pattie Cordova

Knott's Anniversary Ambassador
Living Mi Vida Loca is an award-winning Latina lifestyle blog written by Pattie Cordova. It’s based out of the Los Angeles area and covers travel, beauty, parenting, and food. We love coffee, fiestas & chisme!

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