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Knott's Berry Farm

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Get to Know the Knott's Anniversary Ambassador Team - The Hustling Mama

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is home to world-class rides, thrilling roller coasters, shows & attractions in 4 themed areas including Old West Ghost Town and Camp Snoopy.

This week on the Knott's Berry Blog, we'll be continuing our weekly series where we feature each one of our Knott's Anniversary Ambassadors. Our Knott's Anniversary Ambassadors are part of a yearly program where we work with prominent local bloggers who have a passion for all things Knott's! 



This week we'll be featuring Hustling Mama






Link to Outlet:






Tell Us About Your Outlet:

The Hustling Mama is a family fun and lifestyle blog that aims to connect, inspire, and elevate parents everywhere to live their best family adventures. As a family of 4, I share daily stories that provide laughter, comfort, and inspiration to my community. 


Tell Us About Yourself:

I am a corporate-turned-mom-blogger who is rediscovering my fun and creative side again, thanks to my kids! I love coming up with unconventional crafts, discovering fun activities for families to enjoy throughout SoCal, and really just giving my kids the childhood experience I never had. I'm very open and candid about my family's journey of hustle (we had a rough beginning), but with a fun and playful twist. I'm also a huge advocate for parents to let loose, enjoy themselves, and to have fun with parenthood! Btw, I'm a self-claimed cardboard engineer who loves turning trash to treasure!


Favorite Knott's Memory:

My first time at Knott's will always be my favorite memory simply because I was pleasantly surprised at how many wonderful rides were available for the younger kids in Camp Snoopy! Like real rides and not just the train ride! This makes all the difference when your kids are usually turned away for not reaching the height requirements. I even texted my husband at work, "I found the perfect place for the kids!"


Top Three Must Do's for People Visiting the Park:

  1. Watch your kids have the funniest conversations with Sad Eye Joe.
  2. Get a schedule for the day so you can be at the right place at the right time for fun shows and events.
  3. If you're celebrating a birthday or special occasion with family and friends, I would happily recommend that you stop by Sutter's Funnel Cake and order all 3 versions of the fully-loaded funnel cakes! It comes with ice cream, AND you can choose to have boysenberry, strawberry, or chocolate as your topping! Great way to celebrate any occasion!


Any Fun Tips for People Visiting the Park:

  • Don't overthink it and just get a Knott's Season Pass on your first visit! It basically pays for itself in two visits, and you can have the luxury of going as many times as you want throughout the year! It's the best theme park deal in SoCal, AND you'll earn cool parent status with your kids! 
  • Get a meal plan with your Season Pass! The food portions are fairly big, so you can even split 1 meal plan for 2 kids or a parent and toddler. Also, don't be shy about getting what you paid for! An annual meal plan is a great option for those who live nearby the park because you can always stop by the park for lunch or dinner and enjoy a ride or two on your way out :)
  • If you love water rides, wear quick-drying clothes and go early during your visit!
  • Take the family for a preemptive potty break before you start your day at the park! There's a secret restroom inside The Berry Market that a lot of people miss as they walk through Knott's Marketplace. Look for the double glass doors in the back, and you'll discover a hidden mini-oasis where the spacious restrooms are located. I would also suggest taking the kids here as you leave the park, depending on how long your car ride is.


All Of Our Favorites

Season of Fun: Knott's Merry Farm

Peanuts Character: Snoopy

Ride: HangTime

Show: We have a special place in our hearts for "Snow and Glow" in Ghost Town and the Snoopy on Ice Shows

Food Item: Hands down Sutter's Funnel Cake (get it fully loaded with ice cream and toppings!)

Merchandise item: Nothing crazy, but we're obsessed with Knott's Berry Farm shortbread cookies. They taste so friggin good! 

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Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is home to world-class rides, thrilling roller coasters, shows & attractions in 4 themed areas including Old West Ghost Town and Camp Snoopy.

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