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Which Camp Snoopy Ride Are You? 

Knott's Berry Farm |
August 12, 2020

Knott’s Berry Farm is everyone’s home away from home, and what better way to feel connected to the park while being away than by finding out which Camp Snoopy ride you are. Campy Snoopy is any PEANUTS fans dream come true by featuring the kiddies and family rides perfect for any adventurer. Most importantly, it’s home to the beloved PEANUTS gang!  To help everyone feel more connected, we’ve developed a quiz to find which Camp Snoopy Ride you and your family are. Have fun!


Question 1: Who Is Your Favorite Peanuts Character?

1. Snoopy
2. Franklin
3. Charlie Brown
4. Schroder


Question 2: What Is Your Favorite Area of Knott’s?

1. Boardwalk
2. Fiesta Village
3. Camp Snoopy
4. Ghost Town


Question 3: How Would You Best Describe Yourself?

1. Adventurous
2. Fun
3. Hard-working
4. Relaxed


Question 4: Do You Prefer Repetition Or Trying New Things?

1. I always want to be doing and trying new things
2. I prefer to mix it up some
3. There is something nice about being able to do the same thing
4. I love repetition and routine


Question 5: What Is Your Favorite Non-Camp Snoopy Ride?

1. Xcelerator
2. Timber Mountain Log Ride
3. Hat Dance
4. Calico Mine Ride


Question 6: What Is Your Favorite Season of Fun?

1. Knott’s Spooky Farm
2. Peanut’s Celebration
3. Knott’s Boysenberry Festival
4. Knott’s Merry Farm


Question 7: What Is Your Dream Vacation?

1. Ziplining in Costa Rica
2. Snorkeling in Australia
3. Hiking through Yosemite
4. Relaxing on a beach in Hawaii



Mostly 1's

You are the Timberline Twister! Nothing excites you more than feeling the wind through your hair and a rush of adrenaline! You have tons of energy and want to try everything Knott’s has to offer!


Mostly 2's

You are Woodstock’s Airmail! You value a classic ride, but also look for the unique and exciting new thrills. Not too extreme, but just enough to feel the butterflies in your stomach.


Mostly 3's

You are Huff and Puff! You are hardworking and enjoy a ride that you can interact with and control.  Cool and calm you enjoy riding some of Knott’s traditional rides.


Mostly 4's

You are the Grand Sierra Railroad! You value self-care and me-time. Cooling off with the gentle breeze on a hot day is your favorite way to spend time. You’d prefer to unwind and relax then feel your stomach drop!