Get to Know the Knott's Anniversary Ambassador Team - Knott's Network

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Get to Know the Knott's Anniversary Ambassador Team - Knott's Network

Knott's Berry Farm |
June 6, 2020

This week on the Knott's Berry Blog, we'll be continuing our weekly series where we feature each one of our Knott's Anniversary Ambassadors. Our Knott's Anniversary Ambassadors are part of a yearly program where we work with prominent local bloggers who have a passion for all things Knott's! 


Knott's Anniversary Ambassadors & Network

Knott's Berry Farm Ambassador Network


This week we'll be featuring Knott's Network


Knott's Berry Farm Anniversary Ambassadors and Knott's Network



Knott's Network


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Tell us about your outlet:

Knott’s Network is a team of two whose home park is Knott’s Berry Farm. They LOVE Theme Parks, Haunted Attractions, Conventions, Roller Coasters, and other themed events.


Tell us about yourself:

Tim: My love for theme parks started when I was very young, I loved trains and still do. My grandpa used to take me to Castle Park when I was a kid; it was a park owned by Bud Hurlbert and located in Riverside, CA. It had two miniature trains that went around the park that I was allowed to ride all day and my Grandpa let me. It was right there that made me fall in love with theme parks, the sounds, smells, lights, and music. It was a place to escape. As years went on, it was also the start of a love for other things like pro audio and automated lighting; which ended up being my regular career. As the years went on I have visited many of the So Cal theme parks, but there’s one that will always be home, Knott’s Berry Farm 

Mary: I love Knott’s Berry Farm. I have grown up near the park and have visited Knotts countless times throughout the years. Knott’s is a wonderfully immersive park that transports you to a world of the Wild West, the Peanuts Gang, one of thrills and chills. Knott’s is the place where I have made so many incredible memories and met so many AMAZING people whom I am proud to call my friends and family. No matter the season, there is a certain magic about the Farm which makes me feel that I am home. I love seeing the park grow, evolve, and flourish over the years and I can’t wait to return home soon.


Favorite Knott’s Memory:

Tim: I love how the park transforms and becomes magical during the various holidays, I will always remember spending Halloween 2016 at Knott’s during Spooky Farm. It was so much fun dressing up in my Halloween Costume and to get to participate in the various Halloween activities and traditions the park hosts including Trick-or-Treating, interacting with Ghouls and the Spooky Citizens of Ghost Town, shows, some of the rides are transformed for the season, the peanuts are dressed in Halloween Costumes, and the mini hay maze from that year.

Mary: There are so many to choose from, one that particularly pops to the forefront of my mind right now is experiencing the 3rd Year of TRAPPED…. UNFORGETTABLE and ONE of MY FAVORITE Haunt Experiences EVER. I got to experience it with a group of dear friends and we were the last group of the evening. It was so much fun getting to experience such an immersive and interactive experience of Horror and Thrills that was unique for that year.


Top Three Must Do’s for People Visiting the Park:

1. You must peruse and experience Ghost Town (especially during Ghost Town Alive! which takes place during the summer). It is a wonderfully historic environment that immerses you in The Wild West. You never know what characters you may cross paths and interact with, especially at the Calico Railroad. And you must experience the iconic “classic” rides of Ghost Town, including the Calico Mine Ride and The Log Ride.

2. You must try the iconic Boysenberry treats, at the home of the Boysenberry, including but not limited to Boysenberry Punch, Boysenberry Ice Cream, Boysenberry Churros, the iconic Fun Bun, and the not to be missed Boysenberry Funnel Cake! 

3. You should not miss the thrilling attractions including Ghost Rider, Silver Bullet, HangTime, Xcelerator, Supreme Scream, and more.


Any Fun Tips for People Visiting the Park:

  • If you want to experience the thrill rides, be sure to hit up HangTime, Xcelerator, and Silver Bullet early in your day!
  • There’s a small parking lot next to the Marketplace Parking Lot if you get to the Farm early it’s the closest you’ll get to the front gate.
  • At The Berry Market outside the park, there are glass doors that lead to a rock garden. Located to the left of that is George Washington’s Fireplace, this area is a favorite spot of ours, the restroom that is in there is also very nice does not get too crowded (we like to call it the “Secret Bathroom” on our channel) it can get really hot in there during summertime, but it’s one of Walter Knott’s original amusements.


All Of Our Favorites

Season of Fun: Summer

Peanuts Character: Snoopy

Ride/Attraction: Silver Bullet

Show: Tie between all the Snoopy on Ice Shows

Food Item: The Fun Bun!!!! Yum Yum!

Merchandise item: 2019’s Scary Farm Shirt with all of the Monsters on the back