Which PEANUTS Character Are You? Find out with Knott's PEANUTS Character Quiz!

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Which PEANUTS Character Are You?

Knott's Berry Farm |
June 18, 2020

Are you the lovable loser or his interesting best friend? Are you sarcastic and bossy or kind and wise? Take this quiz to find out which one of the Peanuts gang you are most like.


Question One: There is a party in the auditorium, what are you doing?

1. Trying to get all your friends to dance
2. Dancing in the middle of the circle
3. Ordering the DJ to put on your favorite song
4. Standing in the corner


Question Two: If you were stranded on a desert island, what are you bringing?

1. A kite
2. Food
3. A canoe
4. Your special blanket


Question Three: School is canceled! How are you spending your free time?

1. Rounding up your friends for a game of baseball
2. Daydreaming in the grass
3. Setting up a stand to earn some money
4. Reading up on philosophy


Question Four: What is your dream job?

1. Famous baseball player
2. A pilot
3. President
4. A professor


Question Five: We’re playing baseball, what position are you?

1. Pitcher
2. Shortstop
3. Center Fielder
4. Second Baseman


Question Six: Your friends are having a special holiday dinner, what are you doing?

1. Making a holiday pie, even if it takes a couple of tries
2. Counting down the minutes before it’s time to eat
3. Giving all your friends advice, as a holiday gift from you
4. Convincing everyone of the true meaning of the holidays


Question Seven: How are you getting your crush's attention?

1. You’re too shy to get their attention
2. You like to make bold moves to get their attention
3. Pretending to like things they are interested in
4. Impress them with your knowledge


Question Eight: What would you say is your biggest personality flaw?

1. Too shy
2. Head always in the clouds
3. Bossy
4. Insecure


Question Nine: You have a big group project due, how are you tackling it?

1. You are equally dividing the work
2. You’ll help brainstorm, but don’t like to do the work beyond that
3. You assign yourself the leader role and tell everyone what they will do
4. Hoping someone else takes the lead


Question Ten: Which subject is your favorite?

1. Sports
2. Dance
3. Politics
4. Philosophy




Mostly 1’s

You are most like Charlie Brown! Like good ol’ Charlie Brown, you never give up when you don’t succeed. You’re shy, but still manage to get all your friends together to have a good time.

Knott's Berry Farm PEANUTS Character Quiz


Mostly 2’s

You are most like Snoopy! You’re imaginative, confident and someone who everyone loves to be around. Your head might be in the clouds, but you’re always there to cheer someone up and have a good time.


Mostly 3’s

You are most like Lucy! You’re a little bossy, but someone has to be the leader right?  You are a very driven personality and like to get things done.


Mostly 4’s

You are most like Linus! You are a little quiet, but you have a lot of wisdom to share. You are also kind and show that side with those closest to you.