Knott's Berry Farm History Quiz

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Knott's History Quiz

Knott's Berry Farm |
May 19, 2020

In 1920, the Knott family moved to Buena Park to start farming. At the time, they could have never imagined how their berry farm would transform into what it is today.

Take our Knott’s History Quiz to see how much you really know about the park. If any of the questions are too tough, be sure to check out our blog The History of Knott’s Berry Farm and visit the Knott’s social channels where we have “Today in History” moments dedicated to the special events that have happened on the Farm.


1. What is the name of the creator of the Boysenberry?

a. George M. Darrow

b. Richard Boysen

c. Walter Knott

d. Rudolph Boysen


2. How much did the original Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner cost?

a. 25 cents

b. 65 cents

c. 35 cents

d. 50 cents


3. What are the names of the two cowboys sitting on the bench in front of Gold Trails Hotel in Ghost Town?

a. Handsome Brady and Whiskey Bill

b. Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry

c. Cowboy John and Whiskey Pete

d. Pinhead Pete and Calico Cooper


4. Which one of the following is not the name of a past Knott’s attraction?

A. Mott’s Miniatures

B. Corkscrew

C. The Covered Wagon Show

D.  Airjammer


5. What date is also known as “Walter Knott Day”?

A. February 1

B. April 27

C. September 14

D. June 6


6. Which of the following is not a name of Walter and Cordelia’s Children?

A. Marion

B. Virginia

C. Ross

D. Rachel


7. In what city did Cordelia and Walter Knott meet and marry?

A. San Bernardino, CA

B. Pomona, CA

C. Orange, CA

D. Buena Park, CA


8. What year was the Farm expanded to create the Camp Snoopy area?

A. 1983

B. 1982

C. 1964

D.  1972


9. Which attractions at Knott’s were transformed for the first Knott’s Scary Farm in 1973?

A. The Haunted Shack, Calico Railroad, and Log Ride

B. Calico Railroad, Wagon Camp, and Calico Mine Ride

C. Wagon Camp, Calico Railroad, and Log Ride

D. The Haunted Shack, Calico Mine Ride, and Log Ride


10. What state was the matriarch of Knott’s Berry Farm, Cordelia (Hornaday) Knott, born in?

A. California

B. Pennsylvania

C. Illinois

D. Arizona



Answer Key

1. D    2. B    3. A    4. D    5. B    6. C    7. B    8. A    9. D   10. C