Meet the Ghosts of Boothill Cemetery at Knott's Scary Farm

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Meet the Ghosts of Boothill Cemetery

Knott's Berry Farm |
October 29, 2020

 Have you ever taken a look through Ghost Town’s Cemetery? Try your hand at matching the ghost’s story to their picture.


Hiram McTavish-   One day I fell into a sleep so sound,

It took a week before I was found.

Doc forgot to check my heart for a beat.

Thought me dead, from me head to me feet


Lester Moore-         4 slugs from a 44 does Lester no good.

Dropped me dead, right where I stood.

They say my epitaph is downright funny.

Laugh it up, one day death and you will be so chummy.


Phineas Wherry-   Phineas Wherry they called me, Saloon Keeper.

Beer server and rare spirits seeker.

They buried me with my mug in hand

And that’s exactly how I planned.


Sam Andreas-         Diggin fer gold. Leaving nothing behind.

My trusted Mule Sarah by my side. 

They call me irresponsible ‘cause I dug too deep.

When the shaking started, I started to weep.

Twasn’t my fault my epitaph does read.

But I know I’m dead ‘cause of my greed.


Mia Diamond-        How did I spin my way to the hereafter?

The bar was busy that night, filled with laughter.

On the stage, the bartender spilled a rye gin.

Right where my foot planted a wicked spin.

Head over heels, I toppled to the floor.

Ten years of dance lessons, out the front door.