Savory Boysenberry Dishes

Savory Boysenberry Dishes

Boysenberry Festival with have your mouth watering with the selection on savory boysenberry dishes available. New dishes for 2017 include Boysenberry Pizza, Boysenberry, Boysenberry Ravioli, and the Apricot Pulled Pork Sandwich in a boysenberry bun. Other returning fan favorites include the Boysenberry BBQ Meatballs, Boysenberry BBQ Chicken Wings and Deep Fried Alligator with Boysenberry Aioli.

*Additional costs apply for all food. Not included with admission 

Ghost Town Grill

  • Boysenberry Salad

Spurs Chop House

  • Boysenberry Short Ribs over Rice
  • Boysenberry Ravioli *New For 2017*

Sutter's Grill Stand & Roaster

  • Boysenberry BBQ Wings
  • Corn on the Cobb with Boysenberry Butter and Boysenberry Mayonnaise

Calico Fry

  • Deep Fried Alligator & Fries with Boysenberry Aioli

Fireman's BBQ

  • Boysenberry & Apricot Pulled Pork  Sandwich in a Boysenberry Bun Combo *New For 2017*
  • Boysenberry Butter, Boysenberry Relish & Boysenberry Mayonnaise Toppings
  • Choice of Boysenberry BBQ Sauce on any regular menu items (i.e. Chicken, Ribs, Flank Steak Sandwich)

The Bank of Calico Stand

  • Marinated Boysenberry Meatball on a Stick with Boysenberry BBQ Sauce

Wagon Wheel Pizza

  • Boysenberry Pizza *New For 2017*

Strictly On A Stick

  • Boysenberry Corn Dog *New For 2017*