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Dough Knott's, California Marketplace's Doughnut Shop

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Marketplace Update

As of Monday, June 8, additional locations in California Marketplace will re-open to the public. Learn about our safety measures and hours of operation.

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The cleverly named DoughKNOTT’S offers guests a delicious selection of gourmet donuts and cookies, boysenberry boba tea and fresh brewed boysenberry coffee.  Located near the entrance to the park, this doughnut shop is the perfect place to start your Knott’s visit. 

DoughKNOTT'S features amazing newfangled inventive and unique seasonal flavors. Stop in often to experience their ever changing limited-edition doughnuts. Whether you choose one of the wild and vibrant flavored donuts covered with assorted cereal and sprinkles, or one of the more classic and gourmet flavors like boysenberry, you can't go wrong. 

Hours of Operation: 

Saturday - Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM