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Performance in the Park

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Knott's Berry Farm Performance in the Park
Knott's Berry Farm Performance in the Park
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Knott’s Berry Farm has two distinct venues for our Performance in the Park program. We provide an exciting and dynamic place for groups to perform and have a great day in the park. Ideal to host choirs, orchestras, school bands and dance groups.

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Performance Guidelines and Ticket Information


  • All performances are limited to 30 minutes in length.
  • The stage location for your group’s performance may change without notice. Your “Performance In The Park” coordinator will try and notify your group prior to your arrival if a change has been made. Please remember that emergencies and other Entertainment show offerings may affect your performance time and location.
  • Please ensure that your group is in place at the stage as requested, so that the show will begin as scheduled. Community group performance time slots are limited and cannot confl ict (sound-wise) with the Park’s regularly-scheduled shows. Knott’s reserves the right to shorten or cancel the performance of any group that is not ready to begin on time.
  • Costuming for your performers must be suitable for a family oriented Theme Park atmosphere. No bare-feet or sandals. We discourage the wearing of jeans, however, with permission from the “Performance in the Park” coordinator, jeans are allowed with a uniformed shirt. Two piece costumes with low necklines, shorts tops that show the stomach and mini-skirts are not acceptable. Weapons used as props are not allowed inside the Park.
  • A dressing room will be available lockers are not provided. Equipment, props, and clothing MAY NOT be stored, and cannot be secured backstage. All items must be put into the self-storage lockers located near the GhostRider attraction, or taken back to your vehicles. You are responsible for all items your group brings; Knott’s will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles. No outside food will be allowed inside the Theme Park and subject to search upon entering.
  • You may NOT use park rest rooms to change, before or after a performance. Rest rooms are intended for, and must always be available to our guests. Changing is to be done in the designated dressing room(s) only, not in any other backstage area, courtyard, etc. No exceptions will be made.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a Theme Park. There will be sounds (music and other elements) that we cannot control. Please instruct your performers to be focused on their show.
  • Your group’s performance will be evaluated, as will your attitude and cooperation. This evaluation will be reviewed and may determine your eligibility to return. • If it rains before or during your performance, you may be rescheduled. Please contact Youth Sales Department directly at 714.220.5166 or 714.220.5386.
  • Purchase of Park tickets is required. Group rates are available for performers, as well as support team. One chaperone ticket is complimentary for every 15 tickets purchased. Tickets must be purchased at the Main Gate Guest Relations window prior to entering the Park. If a group would like their tickets prior to arrival, pre-payment of tickets are required at least 10 business days before performance date. If performers have a valid Knott’s Berry Farm Season Pass and entering through the Western Entrance, please bring a photo copy of the season pass along with the actual pass for admission.
  • For groups parking in our Western Parking lot, please call 714.220.5386, 15 minutes prior to arrival, so we may have the parking lot unsecured. If group is arriving in individual vehicles, please have all vehicles together prior to arrival of the parking lot. Parking lot will be secured after arrival.

Performance Equipment Load-In Guidelines




Baritorne Sax Flute/Piccolo Bass Trombone


  Viola   Oboe Tuba French Horn
  Cello   Clarinet   Trombone
      Bassoon   Euphonum
      Soprano Sax   Baritone
      Alto Sax    
      Tenor Sax    
Drum Kits/Trap Kits

Bongos, Blocks, Shakers & Other Small Percussions

Amps w/o Wheels for Guitar, Bass & Keys Guitars & Bass Guitars Very Large or Heavy Props w/o Wheels

Marching Band, Color Guard or Drill Team Equipment

Timpani w/o Wheels Timpani w/Oversized Wheels Electric Keyboards w/o Wheels Electric Keyboards w/Wheels   Small Props
Xylophones, Vibes, Chimes, & Mirambas w/o Wheels Xylophones, Vibes, Chimes & Mirambas w/Wheels       Costumes
Concert Bass Drums Snare Drums      

Music Stands

Concert Toms         Personal Bags
Cymbal Cases          

Payment Information


Please use the email confi rmation as your ‘invoice’ to obtain payment from your organization.

  • Knott’s Berry Farm Accepts: Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover/NOVUS, Amex), School/Organization Check/Money Order/Cashier Check (made payable to Knott’s Berry Farm), Cash (accepted at Guest Relations/Group Sales)
  • Not Accepted: Personal Checks


We recommend that you prepay for your group tickets at least 3 weeks before your scheduled event date so we can ship the tickets to you.

  • FREE shipping within the USA as long as payment is received by Knott’s Berry Farm Youth Sales offi ce at least three weeks in advance. Restrictions apply to shipments outside the USA. Prepaid orders that cannot be shipped will be held for the group leader at Knott’s Berry Farm Guest Relations Window.
  • If needed, the group leader can purchase additional tickets (for the same price) at the Guest Relations Window by calling the Youth Sales offi ce in advance.
  • The group leader must mail back any extra tickets for a refund*.


For groups that wish to pay upon arrival, the group leader will need to go to the Guest Relations Window located at Knott’s Berry Farm’s main entrance. At the Guest Relations Window, the group leader can make adjustments to the reservation, as long as the adjustment meets the 15 ticket minimum requirement.

A few helpful tips to speed up the process at the Guest Relations Window on your event date:

  • The Guest Relations Window generally opens 1/2 hour before the park is scheduled to open and closes 1 hour before park closing.
  • Bring the Reservation ID number from the email confi rmation with you and present it at the Guest Relations Window.

*Youth Sales Refunds: Only tickets with value that were purchased through Knott’s Berry Farm Youth Sales will be considered for a refund. (Chaperone tickets do not have a value.) Tickets that were obtained with a Purchase Order are NOT eligible for a refund. Tickets must be submitted within 30 days after visit fully attached; ticket stubs or tickets missing its stub will not be accepted for refund. When returning tickets, properly seal the envelope and send using a traceable method. Groups must return any chaperone tickets that they no longer qualify for; otherwise, the refund amount will be adjusted accordingly. NOTE: This adjustment may 1) result in a lesser refund amount than anticipated or 2) make you ineligible for a refund. If your ticket return drops your original purchase below the 15 ticket minimum required for the discount program; you are no longer eligible for a refund. A check refund will be payable and mailed to the organization listed in the reservation. Please allow 4–6 weeks to process qualifying refund. Some Special Event Tickets are non-refundable.

Prices, hours, dates, schedules and policies are subject to change without notice. Visit for the most up-to-date park information.

Bus Parking Information


Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City Parking

Heading southbound on Beach Boulevard, please stay in the left-hand lane and make a left turn on La Palma Avenue, a right turn on Stanton Avenue and a right turn on Crescent Avenue. At Beach Boulevard, make a right turn to head northbound, the entry ramp for the parking lot will be on the right-hand side.

Parking cost * $24.00 per bus/* $ 19.00 per auto. If buses are dropping off students, follow directions given by our Traffic Department on Grand Avenue. Buses will not be allowed to drop off in front of Main Gate. Please note that buses parked in the surrounding businesses’ parking lots or neighborhoods will be towed.

Bus Driver Park Admission

Bus drivers can present their commercial driver’s license at our Guest Relations window to receive a courtesy park admission ticket for the day.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Inclement Weather

Please note: In the event of inclement weather or unscheduled maintenance, certain rides may not be available. Programs, venues, dates, and fees are subject to change and/or cancellation.