Camp Snoopy

A Fresh Camp Snoopy

Celebrating 30 years at Knott’s, this immersive six acre land combines the fun and natural beauty of the high sierras with the whimsy and silliness of the Peanuts gang! Three all new attractions, remodeled dining locations, and an all-new interactive experiences provide exciting new fun for families to enjoy together. Click the map below to see all of the new improvements.


Linus Launcher

New for 2014!  Lay on Linus’ blanket and relive a classic Peanut’s moment as Snoopy grabs the blanket and launches guests up to 10 feet in the air. Enjoy a Woodstock’s-eye view of Huff ‘n Puff, The Grizzly Creek Lodge, and all of Camp Snoopy below! Height Requirements: 42 inches minimum

Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer

New for 2014!  "Fly a Kite” with Charlie Brown as campers soar above the land’s winding paths and babbling streams – but watch out for the kite-eating tree! As the tree rises, good ol’ Charlie Brown is revealed upside down and all tied up in kite string! Height Requirements: 42 inches tall or accompanied by a supervising companion

Pig Pen's Mud Buggies

New for 2014!  Tykes can climb aboard their very own all-terrain vehicle for an adventurous ride around the High Sierras. Six four-seater ATVs will spin, bounce, and bump, while Pig Pen looks on from his center perch. Height Requirements: 36 inches tall or accompanied by a supervising companion

Grand Sierra Railroad

New Surprises for 2014!  Climb aboard this miniature train as it departs from Camp Snoopy Depot. Linus Van Pelt will narrate the eight minute journey, pointing out the rustic sights and hilarious Peanuts’ camping adventures along the way. Passengers will catch a glimpse of Charlie Brown attempting to fish in a local stream, Snoopy and Woodstock enjoying a camp fire, and many more vignettes all featuring classic Peanuts’ action and humor.  Height Requirements: 48 inches or accompanied by a responsible person.

Sierra Sidewinder

A new twist on traditional roller coasters, Sierra Sidewinder combines speed with spin. Each of the four cars take riders through a series of nose-dives, banks, dips, and turns at a speed of 37 mph while continually rotating on its axis. Height Requirements: 48 Inches or 42 inches and accompanied by a responsible person

Woodstock's Airmail

Hop aboard this special delivery of Woodstock's Airmail, a child-sized version of the park's Supreme Scream. Height Requirements: 36 inches


Flying Ace

Join Snoopy, the flying ace, and pilot your own two-seater Sopwith Camel in red or white.  Height Requirements: 32 inches minimum, 54 inches maximum

Balloon Race

Hop in a brightly colored balloon for a sky-high journey above the trees. Height Requirement: 36 inches or accompanied by a responsible person.


Huff and Puff

Can you push and pump your own mini-mining car all the way around the track?  Little ones will love this Camp Snoopy classic!  Height Requirement: Under 52 inches

Timberline Twister

This junior coaster puts you in the driver seat of Charlie Brown's entry into this year's Camp Snoopy Pinewood Derby.  Twist your way through the trees and the surrounding wilderness as you race to the finish line to help Charlie Brown win his first merit badge.  Height Requirement: 36 inches minimum, 69 inches maximum.


Rapid River Run

Grab your paddle, and head for the river wild on Rapid River Run, a rollicking, spinning white water raft expedition.  Adventures brave enough to face the rough and tumble river waters can climb aboard and ascend to the heights of 21 feet on this wild rafting adventure.  Height Requirements: 42 inches or accompanied by a responsible person.

Camp Bus

Catch a Woodstock's eye view of Camp Snoopy as you bounce up and down on your way to Camp with the Peanuts gang.  Height Requirements:  42 inches or accompanied by a responsible person.

Rocky Mountain Trucking Company

Young truckers can join the new Rocky Mountain Trucking Company and hop into the re-themed cabs of Camp Snoopy's junior-size logging trucks.  The re-designed trucks feature your favorite Peanuts character and pint-sized truckers can honk the horns and take a drive in these four seated trucks through twisty turning High Sierra roads.  Height Requirements: 42 inches or accompanied by a responsible person.


High Sierra Ferris Wheel

This theme park favorite offers relaxing bird's-eye views of Camp Snoopy.  Height Requirements: 54 inches or 36 inches if accompanied by a responsible person.



Beagle Scout Headquarters

New for 2014! Come meet the Peanuts gang in their all-new meet and greet location, the Beagle Scout Headquarters.  This new interactive location invites guests to meet their favorite characters in an immersive, highly themed setting.  No visit to camp is complete without a hug from Snoopy!


 Peanuts' Play Lot

New for 2014!  Take a break from all those high sierra adventures with a relaxing visit to the Peanuts's Play Lot.  Have it made in the shade of the rustic gazebo, or try your hand at "fishing" in the Camp Snoopy stream.  Little ones will love the interactive play elements.  While you're there, gaze upon the rock structure and see if you can spot the famous characters chiseled into the rock.