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Woodstock's Airmail

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Woodstock's Airmail

Woodstock's Airmail

Calling all adventure seekers in training! Come along and hop aboard this special delivery of Woodstock's Airmail.

Woodstock needs your help to deliver mail around Camp Snoopy®. Can you spot Charlie Brown, Sally, or Snoopy as you bounce around camp to make some special deliveries?

Test out your thrill-power on Woodstock’s Airmail before you head on over to the big kid rides. This ride is a great beginner for little park goers. Located in Camp Snoopy®, it has all of the ups, downs and thrills of Supreme Scream, but on a much smaller scale; not as high, not as fast and totally suitable for little kids. Kickstart your ride with a big liftoff; as Woodstock’s Airmail lifts you into the sky, you’ll see awesome views of Camp Snoopy® like Flying Ace and the thrilling Sierra Sidewinder right before bringing you safely back to earth.

Height Requirement: 36 inches minimum

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