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Special Ops: Infected

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Special Ops: Infected at Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Event

Special Ops: Infected

Armed with cutting edge laser guns, brave guests will face off against hordes of zombies in the groundbreaking Special Ops: Infected interactive maze. Small units of guests will battle the zombie apocalypse through blood-soaked city streets and an underground sewer system crawling with nearly one hundred ravenous zombies. The high tech innovative experience thrusts guests into the middle of a live-action video game complete with live actors, real-time scoring system, kill streak rewards system and interactive targets, including a juggernaut boss zombie. This attraction is one of the largest mazes ever created in Knott’s Scary Farm history so form your squad and put your zombie apocalypse survival skills to the test in this action-packed, one-of-a-kind experience.

Groups must work together to fend off zombies and complete terrifying missions before time runs out. If zombies drag their bodies too close, the uninfected’s guns temporarily deactivate, compromising the safety of the entire team. Soldiers with the deadliest aim will be celebrated with a tally of the number of zombies killed if they make it out alive. Take your last shot at saving humanity as this heart-stopping attraction is going out with a bang of new surprises for its final year at Knott’s Scary Farm.

There is no additional charge for Special Ops: Infected.