Indian Trails Shopping

Indian Trails Shops

Bottle House

One of the most unique buildings on Indian Trails, The Bottle House was named after the 3,082 different kind of bottles ranging from wine to whisky, used to construct the building. In the 1890s, bottles were used for construction when other building materials were tougher to come by. Why are the openings to all of the bottles facing inward? Because if they opened outwards, the building would howl loudly when the wind blows! The Bottle House celebrates our Native American heritage with one-of-a-kind Native American gifts and an assortment of books and DVDs.

Silver Bullet Trading Company

Commemorate your harrowing journey aboard the Silver Bullet coaster with specially themed merchandise at the Silver Bullet Trading Company.  Load up on western style merchandise while shopping at this authentic lean-to, located across from the teepees in Indian Trails.