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May 2 - May 6

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Individual rides not listed here may occasionally close for mechanical reasons or inclement weather.

Thrill Rides

For more information about the rides and attractions at Knott's Berry Farm please see the Guest Assistance Guide.Download the Guest Assistance Guide
La Revolucion
Level 4 - High Thrill
La Revolucion
La Revolución swings riders an astounding 64 feet in the air, over 6 stories high!
Height Requirement: 48 Inches
Supreme Scream
Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill
Supreme Scream
Excitement hits unprecedented new heights as Knott’s send you for a ride on one of the tallest thrill rides of its kind in the world…
Height Requirement: 52 Inches
Level 4 - High Thrill
This circular spinning ride starts off flat and gradually lifts off the ground.
Height Requirement: 48 inches