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Surfside Gilders

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Surfside Gliders

Surfside Gliders

Taking the ride into their own hands, guests pilot their own Surfside Gliders. From a height of 28 feet, these two-man aircrafts zip through the air providing a bird’s eye view of the Boardwalk area as they glide over the newly expanded Boardwalk.

Height Requirement: 44 inches or 36 inches and accompanied by a supervisining companion

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  • Duration
    1 Minute 50 Seconds
  • Max Speed
    10 RPM
  • Max Height
    28 Feet

Rider Safety Information

Min Height Accompanied 36"
Min Height Alone 44"

Rider Safety Information

  • Guests ride in suspended vehicles that rotate in a circle. Once the ride’s speed increases, riders can use the fin on the front of the vehicle to steer the vehicle higher or lower. 
  • Wait at the ride exit located to the right of the attraction entrance. A Guest Service   Associate will direct the guest and his/her escort to a seat. 
  •  All riders must be able to transfer to the seat. 
  • Riders should have the ability to support their upper body due to the forces of this ride. The riders should be able to maintain an upright and stable position. 
  • Riders should have at least one lower extremity or lap to accommodate the seat belt.  Due to the nature of the seat belt on this ride, weight or size restrictions may apply. 
  • Each rider must be able to remain sitting up straight, keeping their head upright, their back and shoulders against the seat back at all times. Riders must be able to hold on with one functioning arm and brace with one functioning leg. Riders must have at least part of each leg below the knee. To participate, riders must have a minimum of two functioning extremities. Guests with a cervical collar, a neck brace, or a broken collar bone must not ride. Riders with a full leg cast can participate, providing the leg cast can fit inside of the ride, and the restraint system can be used as designed. Please review all restrictions listed on the sign at the attraction entrance. 
  • Service animals cannot accompany the guest on this attraction.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional Accessibility information.
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